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Watch Out for “Diet Foods” That Can Make You Fat

For those of you seeking to peel off some pounds, you’ll get some juicy, non-caloric tidbits in this piece in Glee from director of nutrition services Susan Burke, M.S., R.D., L.D./N., C.D.E.

She gives you the skinny on juice, enhanced waters, protein bars, “diet bread,” and other foods.

I was pleased to this savvy nutritionist lambast foods that tend to fool consumers. In fact, I applaud her for pointing out (as I do, in my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK!) the truth about deceptive fat-free foods. Here’s how she rightly urges you to beware of the trap that’s easy to fall into when you nosh on those innocent-seeming sweets:

“Fat-free Cookies: Fat-free doesn’t mean calorie-free. It doesn’t even mean reduced-calorie, and fat-free products contain other ingredients, usually sugar, to make up for the texture and flavor lost when the fat is removed. Most fat-free cookies contain as many calories as the original cookie, which doesn’t make them diet food.”

Read Burke’s interesting article now.

Incidentally, here’s another interesting article Burke wrote. This one, which appears on Web MD, spotlights the “7 Do’s and Don’ts to Boost Your Metabolism.”

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