Get Hot Health Tips from 21 of the Nation’s Top Health Counselors & Learn About the Institute for Integrative Nutrition on My Radio Show (Listen Live or Later)

Iin-logo2_RGB Would you like many simple, hot wellness tips to get you on a more healthy track and to boost the quality of your life? Do you get empassioned and intrigued by nutrition and growth? Are you ready for a career change — to a profession that’s rewarding, satisfying and that makes a difference in people’s lives and helps them achieve their potential? Or, would you like to expand your health care practice?

You’ve said “yes,” I imagine, to at least one of those questions. In fact, everyone — of any age, sex, profession or economic status — can benefit from Tuesday’s Gab With the Gurus Radio Show, which is of the most exciting I’ve offered since beginning this show in July 2007.

A whopping 21 of the nation’s most influential, acclaimed and accomplished health counselors — all of whom, like me, attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), the nation’s largest nutrition school — are assembling on tomorrow’s radio show to give you vital health pointers.

What’s more, each fascinating health counselor will speak for about 3 to 5 minutes, discussing his or her intriguing work, why attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, what they got out of it and how it enhanced their careers and their lives.

You’ll recognize some of the guests on Tuesday’s Gab With the Gurus Radio Show, because they’ve been on national or local TV, presented groundbreaking programs in their respective communities or written articles you may have read in national publications or websites. Some of the holistic health counselors you’ll meet for the first time. But all of my guests are influential, positive, pro-active, awesome people, who are collectively helping thousands of people nationwide. I’m so excited!

So, on my special Gab With the Gurus Radio Show, I’m thrilled to present the following holistic health counselors:

Alex Jamieson - healthy_chef_alexAlex Jamieson, C.H.H.C., a 2004 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is someone that you may have seen before on national TV. You may have caught “Healthy Chef Alex” on “Oprah” or on “The Final Word,” “30 Days” and “The National Health Test with Bryant Gumble.” Or perhaps you saw Alex in the captivating, award-winning, critically acclaimed documentary, “Super Size Me,” from the acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Alex is also author of The Great American Diet (Rodale Books), which is the diet she put her then-boyfriend (now-husband Morgan Spurlock) on to get rid of his fast-food weight gain and health woes. As a holistic health counselor and personal chef, Alex works with individual clients all over the world, offering personalized recommendations and support, while integrating appropriate food choices with lifestyle options. She went to IIN, in part, inspired by her own sugar addiction, fatigue, migraines and candidiasis.

Amy_kalafa pic_new Amy Kalafa, a 2005 graduate of IIN, is a filmmaker, certified yoga teacher, lecturer at Yale University School of Medicine and Psychiatry and one of the renowned “Two Angry Moms,” who are working to unite 2 millions mothers across the country to fight to get good food in the schools. Chances are good that you’ve also seen Amy and her partner Susan Rubin on one of their many media appearances, which include “Good Morning America” and “Rachel Ray.” Or maybe you’ve read about them in The New York Times, USA Today, Redbook, The Stamford Advocate, etc. If you haven’t yet catch their landmark film, find out how to see it now.

Karlene drchinquee Karlene ChinQuee, M.D., a grad of IIN in 2006 (she was in my class), is a board-certified  obstetrician, gynecologist and surgeon, and she is president and medical director of the groundbreaking ChinQuee Center for Health and Wellness. She is board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and is a medical practitioner in the emerging field of functional medicine, a new medical model which embraces nutritional biochemistry, molecular medicine and the prevention and treatment of the diseases of aging. She is also founder, president and CEO of the non-profit humanitarian organization, Heartbeats of the World, which seeks to enrich the lives of women, adolescents and children in underserved areas of the world  by providing medical services and educational opportunities addressing the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy and unemployment. She has been awarded the 2008 Ellis Island Medal Of Honor, which recognizes distinguished Americans from various ethnic backgrounds who have made significant contributions to our nation’s heritage.

Lynn Goldstein headshot Lynn Goldstein, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., C.H.H.C.,  a 2006 graduate of IIN, is a registered dietitian, with a master’s in science in clinical nutrition from New York University. She has served as clinical dietitian at New York Presbyterian Hospital’s in-patient care and Beth Israel’s ALS Center for treatment of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Lynn developed and runs a nutrition program at the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health, a center inspired by Katie Couric’s fight against colon cancer, which has led her to develop talents as a nutrition educator with a special focus on gastrointestinal health, cancer prevention and treatment. Lynn can help you lose weight, combat disease, improve gastrointestinal health, improve sports performance or simply learn how to give your body what it needs. She can analyze your current diet and will create an eating plan to fit your lifestyle and achieve your goals.

Jena la Flamme Jena La Flamme, a 2001 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, now runs the thriving Jena Wellness, a New York City-based company, which offers a variety of services, including nutritional holistic and lifestyle counseling, bodywork and massage, yoga and pilates, cooking classes and corporate wellness programs. Upcoming Jena Wellness programs include a 15-Days-to-Feel-Better Bootcamp, Baking Without Wheat for the Holidays, a Valentine’s Massage for Couples and a Costa Rica Retreat. You can also  watch a flash movie here to learn about the tremendous impact her company has had on many people’s lives.

Glen_Colello_about Glen Colello, a 2005 graduate of IIN, has been passionate about nutrition for the past 10Catch a Healthy Habit DSC05460vsm years, and he’s now made a name for himself as an advocate of raw foods. In fact, his recently opened Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe in West Haven, Connecticut has become a hot hub for raw food fans. It also draws a loyal following, who participate in fascinating programs.

Christi_hs Christi-Lehner Collins, a 2004 grad of IIN, is a Boston-based speaker, who presents seminars and gives teleclasses for corporations and her clients. Christi’s ideal audience is a women’s group within a large company or an organization that is passionately devoted to the health of its employees. Her clients have included Boston Downtown Women’s Club, Boston Women Communicators, Boston Women’s Network, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Hewlett-Packard, the U.S. Postal Service and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. Christi is also a writer, who publishes a “Nourishing Nuggets” ezine and a blog. She also wrote a 19-week online nutrition program for marathon runners called The Peak Performance Nutrition Program. And she has done two ebooks, The Ultimate Spring Cleanse: A Fast, Easy Detox Program for Beginners and Your Winter Survival Guide: How to Protect Your Health and Your Sanity This Winter. She also offers business coaching to other health practitioners, who want to learn how to build their businesses quickly and successfully without reinventing the wheel. Christi is on sabbatical right now due to a pregnancy (congrats, Christi), but in the meantime, check out her wonderful list of resources,  her previously recorded teleclasses and her blog.

Ameet 58d664b0-c322-4b30-b55d-8912535ba510 Ameet Maturu, a 2006 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is known as “The Intuitive Cook,” because he can help his clients to make food and lifestyle choices that best support them. Ameet, a Brooklyn resident, is host of The Great Squash Cook-Off and founder of the Rice of Life blog, which provides inspirational messages, tempting recipes and his take on a variety of subjects, including root vegetables, seasonal eatingbreakfast and being regular. Check out his butternut squash wild rice salad and falalel and quinoa tabuli. Don’t they sound yummy?

Stacey RTEmagicC_78d0d5fd67_jpg Stacey Morganstern, has an entertaining, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering story about how she landed up attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and becoming a health counselor. You’ll be amused as she tells you her tale on the Gab With the Gurus Show. Remember, you can listen to this show live or later, at your convenience. Today, Stacey is founder of the San Francisco-based Five Point Wellness, which offers a variety of programs, including women’s groups, yoga, group counseling, corporate wellness seminars and business coaching for other health counselors.

Seth Braun 3ac53256-9553-4031-9976-9cabdb5702cb Seth Braun, a graduate of IIN in 2006, is the Boulder, Colorado-based lead trainer for 4 Costa_Rica_07_-35011 Gateways Coaching. He is known for his life-changing, rejuvenating “High Energy Health” retreats to Costa Rica, where you get a chance to do morning surfing, take yoga or qi gong with one of their practitioners, sit or lie on the beach, swim, nap or take an excursion, eat leisurely meals, learn how to cook healthy meals or attend a fun program. (Hmm. I wonder if I can take off from Jan. 3 to 10, 2009 to go on the next trip he’s leading to that glorious place. Just look at what you can expect.) Seth is a dedicated community leader and also the author of two books, Healthy, Fast and Cheap: The Ultimate College Cookbook and Healthy, Fast and Cheap: The Leaving Home Survival Guide. His company, Real Simple Nutrition, works out of the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic.

Jill 99797603 Jill R. Baron, M.D., a 2002 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is a certified  LGODOMCOL006MAY007 family physician, who practices integrative medicine in New York City. She has achieved acclaim for her work as the “Don’t Mess With Stress Doc™” In fact, Jill (she’s a friend of mine) and I presented a two-part program to help sugar addicts triumph over those must-have-sweets moments. For instance, you can learn the Cookie Cutter Technique to Stop Cravings™, the Late-Night, Prevent-Pig-Out Technique and the Hand-Over-Heart Technique. Dr. Baron combines conventional primary care medicine with mind-body therapies including nutrition and weight management, lifestyle counseling, stress management, visualization and imagery and energy medicine. She also is a certified menopause practitioner from the North American Menopause Society, and she is trained in functional medicine like Karlene (mentioned above.)

Marilena Minucci, M.S., C.H.H.C., a 2003 graduate of IIN, has more than 20 years experience doing life and wellness coaching. She is works with women in transition who want to use the challenges in their lives as a springboard for reinventing and rediscovering themselves and to rebalance their body weight. She also works with wellness coaches to help them deepen and expand their skills. Her own transformational journey led to her completing realigning her life and losing more than 50 pounds, a loss she has successfully maintained. If you’re in a battle of the bulge, you’ll certainly want to hear what Marilena says. Remember, you can listen to the show live or later.

Nancy Nancy Weiser, C.H.C., M.B.A., a 2005 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and 2006 graduate in IIN’s Immersion program, has a fascinating background  — as do all the gurus you’ll hear on this radio show. Before becoming a health counselor, she worked as a marketing executive at such places as Time Warner, Inc., and she even has an MBA from Wharton. Now, the energetic, Mamaroneck-based, married mom of three girls helps busy individuals, many of whom are overworked, high-profile executives and business owners, seeking to achieve good health and eat right in overscheduled, ultra competitive environment. Nancy has nabbed attention for her work in The New York Times, and she has been a guest on “Morning Living” and “Whole Living,” both of which are on Martha Stewart Living Radio/Sirius 112. Check out the fascinating health and wellness articles posted on her website.

JeanetteBronee Jeanette Bronee, a 2004 IIN graduate, is an ex-executive, who founded the innovative Path for Life Self-Nourishment Center in New York City. In addition to being a health counselor, she is an intuitive healer and connective counselor (tune in to learn what that is), who has worked with renowned cancer healer Tom Monte. She is also a therapeutic Ericksonian hypnotherapist. She has developed and teaches the Path for Life 9-step system to her clients. Her goal is for everyone to uncover the root of what is holding them back from changing habits for good. Jeanette is dedicated to helping people living with illness and those who want to prevent disease by transitioning from living with “high risk” to living with “high awareness.”


Nisha Moodley_MG_0685-1-1 Nisha Moodley, who graduated from IIN in 2008, suffered for years from health problems. From age two to 11, she was on antibiotics constantly (she took the pink “banana” medicine) for chronic ear infections. “Amoxicillin” was part of her vocabulary by the age of three. Growing up, she even had surgery three times to put tubes in her ears. Her flight to Disneyland at age 10 led to ruptured eardrums and being sick for a week. For 20 years, she also was riddled with chronic constipation, and nothing worked, not even prune juice, Metamucil and fiber bars. You’ll hear on the radio show how going to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition helped her overcome her long-time health issues. Nisha is a Reiki master in addition to being a health counselor.



Barbara Blake 98a04048-ae5f-4609-8d82-99dda578d122 Barbara Blake, a 2006 graduate of IIN, was drawn to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition because of a debilitating illness she suffered from for years. You’ll learn on the radio show how, when doctors couldn’t help, IIN helped guide her to successfully heal her health issues by using whole foods, herbs, healing touch, bodywork, focusing on the mind-body- spirit connection and making lifestyle changes. Barbara credits her ability to help others with her schooling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as her training in healing energy. She even studied engineering physics and BodyTalk (energy medicine). Barbara’s health recovery story, “Secrets of Health, Self and Wealth Discovery,” was published in a compilation of inspirational stories called Power and Soul.


Dena%20meditating Dena Smith Givens, a 2008 graduate of IIN, became interested in health, wellness and tranquility as a child when she was inspired by the natural foods movement. The Seattle native, who now lives in western Pennsylvania, has always been attracted to things that are simple and natural. In addition to being a health counselor, Dena is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB) and she has additional certification in aromatherapy, prenatal massage, reflexology and Touch for Health. A mother of five children ranging in age from tots to teens, Dena has served as a volunteer La Leche League Leader (breastfeeding education and support counselor), founder and co-coordinator of a holistic mom’s playgroup and founder of a secular home school resource group. She was a founding member of a natural food co-op in Niskayuna, NY and has also served as an active member in several other food cooperatives and CSAs around the country.

Nancy Sandra Keros, a 2006 graduate of IIN and 2007 gad of Immersion, is a San Francisco-based health counselor, who teaches cooking classes that marry the fabulous tastes of healthy and gourmet foods. andra Keros is a 2006 IIN graduate and has done health counseling for 3 years. She teaches cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods featuring cooking that marries the fabulous tastes of healthy and gourmet foods. Her blog offers healthy recipes, pantry makeover tips, and stories of healthy turnarounds like the man who lost 150 pounds on a traditional foods diet. She is currently working with TV producers to develop a pilot for a new television show. In addition, she often does radio interviews on food-related topics, from pantry makeovers to healthy holiday recipes remade healthfully.

Dageskeates Dages Kates, a 2005 grad of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is founder of Delicious Dialogues, a New York City-based company that helps people find the foods that make them feel and look fantastic without deprivation or willpower. Like the other health counselors featured here, Dages seeks to inspire, educate and support people to live their lives to the fullest and achieve optimum health. She takes pride in crafting programs for individuals and groups to encourage and support them in reaching and maintaining their life and health goals.

Kristen Domingue -- ff914a88-42f2-4a44-857d-4f40c9f1f4e8 Kristen Domingue, a 2005 graduate of IIN, is founder of Begin Again Wellness Coaching, and, like the other health counselors on this show, she has clients through out the U.S. Her practice blends life coaching and nutrition to help you live the life of your dreams. She has worked on the pilot TV show, “The Live Well Show,” and she is works with women’s wellness groups and hosts an inspirational monthly interview series, “The Breakthrough Interviews.”

Connie with celery 2007 By the way, I, Connie Bennett, also will tell you about my amazing experiences at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In fact, I’ll start off the show by revealing the humorous incident that brought me to the groundbreaking school in the first place. It was this almost unbelieveable, surrealistic experience, that’s best chalked up to serendipity.

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