Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge: Thanks to Low-Carb Blogger Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore
Thanks to popular blogger Jimmy Moore for spreading the word about the Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge on Friday.

Dr. Scott Olson, my co-coordinator, and I are really grateful that you're letting your hundreds of thousands of fans about this important event.

Everyone, please feel free to tell your friends and loved ones about this first-ever Great Worldwide Sugar-Out Challenge. For info, just send them to this press release about the event, which you also can find here. Then send them to the sign-up sheet.

Make sure to join us Friday at noon Eastern or listen later when the following experts will join us:

  • Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, author of Get the Sugar Out;
  • Dr. Peter H. Gott, nationally syndicated medical columnist and author of Dr. Gott’s No Sugar, No Flour Diet;
  • Dr. Elizabeth Abbott, author of Sugar: A Bittersweet History;
  • Dr. Eric Westman, director of Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic;
  • Dr. Hyla Cass, integrative psychiatrist and author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and Natural Highs;
  • MeMe Roth, founder and president of the National Action Against Obesity;
  • Dr. Nancy Appleton, author of Lick the Sugar Habit; 
  • Dr. Woody Merrell, author of Unleash Your Natural Energy;
  • Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet;
  • Amy Kalafa, co-founder of “Two Angry Moms,” which is dedicated to cleaning up the school food environment;
  • Susan Linn, director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood; 
  • Dr. Yvonne Sanders Butler, principal of Browns Mill Elementary School in Lithonia, Georgia, the first sugar-free school in the country;
  • Roberta Ruggiero, founder of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation;
  • Dr. Larry McCleary, author of The Brain Trust  Program; Dr. Roberta Lee, vice chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel's Center for Health and Healing in New York City;
  • “Nutrition Twins” Tammy Lakatos Shames and Elysse ("Lyssie") Lakatos, authors of Fire Up Your Metabolism; and
  • integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Steven J. Bock.

In addition, numerous experts offered their support, as you can read here.