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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Fitness Legend Jack LaLanne About His No-Sugar Diet

Jimmykimmel_articleWhat a wonderful coincidence! I just caught Jack LaLanne on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.

And guess what Jimmy’s first question was to Jack? He wanted to know if Jack really didn’t eat any sugar!

Yes, Jack LaLanne — America’s first fitness trainer — who taught us all about the value of exercising, disdains the sweet white powder, because it can do so much harm.

Sure enough, JackLaLanne revealed to Jimmy about his sugar addict days. Yes, Mr. Fitness himself, now 94, discussed how he used to be a sugar addict when he was Jack_lalanne_jacknew
15 and was hooked on cakes, pies, candy and soda pop.

He also was very moody, angry and in a bad way.

But one day, while still a teen, Jack heard this motivational lecturer badmouth sugar. Jack’s eyes were opened, and he felt inspired to kick the stuff.

Thus began his transformation from scrawny, angry teen to super-charged, vibrant fitness guru.

"If something saved your life, would you be enthusiastic about it?" Jack told Jimmy Kimmel, who reluctant to even entertain the notion of quitting sugar.

"You have to put live, vital foods in your body," Jack said enthusiastically.
The Jimmy Kimmel Live segment culminated as Jack happily led Jimmy and the audience to doing some arm raises.

What a kick to see this, especially since I had interviewed Jack LaLanne for my book SUGAR SHOCK! and he had told me the same story.

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