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Kids’ Diet Foods Do More Harm Than Good, Study Shows

Note from Connie: Parents, watch out, if you give your young children diet foods and beverages, you just might just be pre-programming them for later obesity. Those are the findings of a study from Canadian researchers at the University of Alberta. Consuming these low-calorie replacements for more calorie-rich foods may interfere with a child’s ability to make connections between the taste of a food and its calorie content. Karen updates you about this study.

After researchers led by sociologist W. David Pierce, Ph.D., gave both lean and genetically obese juvenile  (4-weeks-old) rats low-cal versions of foods and drinks for 16 days, they found that the rats proceeded to overeat when given regular-calorie versions of the same foods, according to their article published in Obesity.

Adolescent (8-weeks-old) rats, however, did not overeat.

“Parents and health professionals should be made aware of this and
know that the old-fashioned ways to keep children fit and healthy –
ensuring they eat well-balanced meals and exercise regularly – are the
best ways.

“Diet foods are probably not a good idea for growing
youngsters,” Pierce told the University’s ExpressNews news service.

Karen James for the SUGAR SHOCK! Blog

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