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My stomach is all in knots, but I’m getting ready to speak at last!

Right now, I’m shaking. My stomach is tight, tense, and teeming with butterflies. Nervous doesn’t BEGIN to describe how I feel. What I just did was HUGE for me.

I just signed up to participate in the Speak Off event, which is part of the Advance Your Reach Live Program in Denver next month.

This event is presented by speakers’ cheerleader Pete Vargas, who offers programs, which encourage and propel people to get on stages to serve people with their messages.

By entering this Speak Off, I surprised even myself! Last week, I decided NOT to participate.

Today, however, I mustered up the courage to begin to boldly FACE my fear of public speaking. Many, if not most of you, also share my fear of public speaking. So the research says. Like me, I bet, you’ve been avoiding facing it for years.

Actually, more than two years ago, I wrote about conquering my fear of public speaking. But I’ve done nothing since then. I never got up on stages.

Instead, I buried my head in research and writing for next book, I blew my diet! Now what? The Simple 30-Day Plan to Crush Your Cravings, Rebound After Relapse and Lose Weight for Good.

Admittedly, for the last couple of years, I needed to dig up amazing facts, arrive at eye-opening conclusions, and put together an amazing Rebound-After-Relapse Program.

But now it’s time to stop hiding. My editor is now working her magic on my book. It’s now time to speak.

NO MORE EXCUSES not to speak! Why? Because I blew my diet! Now what? is scheduled for publication next year (March 10, 2020). So this year, I’m going to learn to speak. I’m determined.

This is my year to learn to speak dangerously, as Susan Cain puts it. Indeed, if the introverted Susan Cain can face her speaking fears, so can I. By the way, if you share my fears, check out Susan’s amazing book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

If Susan could face her speaking fears, so can I. If you share my fear of public speaking, check out Susan’s awesome tips here.

So what made me decide to join the Advance Your Reach Live Speak Off? Because I have HUGE plans for my book, I blew my diet! Now what? I wrote it to HELP millions worldwide. And the ONLY way that is going to happen is if I get out and speak. Because I need to speak to serve, I better get on stages. So that’s what I’m learning to do.

Next weekend, as I shared earlier, I’m going to take The Power to Wow workshop with the spectacular speaker Lynn Rose. Then, this past weekend, Pete’s preview Zoom program of the Advance Your Reach Live event in mid-May got me thinking. Pete talked about “the power of ONE talk. “This is an opportunity like NO OTHER,” Vargas announced.

Renowned health and wellness expert JJ Virgin made more convincing arguments. During this week’s Advance Your Reach live stream, she talked about how speakers need to “play full out.” After all, JJ insisted, speakers are “there to serve.” That comment hit home.

Interestingly, I’ve been using the phrase, “Speak to Serve” for years. (I’ve even owned the URL, Speak to Serve, for years.) While thinking about how to need to Speak to Serve, I got the courage this morning to join the Speak Off.

After all, my burning goal—especially with my upcoming book—is to help millions of frustrated, discouraged, fed up people, who’ve blown their diets. That means no more hiding. No more just writing in private behind my (standing) desk.

What about you? Do you also need or want to Speak to Serve? And, if you, too, are scared to speak, will you join me to face and smash this fear? I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll be in touch soon with updates about my Speak to Serve goal.

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