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My Doctor Who Helped Me Kick Sugar in 1998 Just Gave Endorsement for My Book SUGAR SHOCK!

This is so very cool! The doctor who saved me back in 1998 just gave me an endorsement for my book SUGAR SHOCK!

This physician really worked miracles for me when I was one sugar-addicted mess suffering from heart palpitations, mood swings, confusion and 41 other symptoms.

Anyhow, this is sort of like graduating when your medical mentor gives his stamp of approval to your project.  What can I say — Wow! All right!

Here’s the endorsement from my hero of a doctor Keith DeOrio, M.D.  (FYI, if you live near L.A., tthis physician really helped me and enabled me to then pull it off:

"How can the once-sickly and depressed Connie, who sought medical treatment from me in 1998 be the same woman, who, years later, researched and wrote this groundbreaking book about sugar’s  many dangers? Little did I realize that by helping Connie to confront her  sugar habit that she would turn around and help countless others to conquer their sugar problems, too. /SUGAR SHOCK! /is an
easy-to-read encyclopedia of information about the negative effects of refined sugars and carbohydrates on the human body. I am sure that it will become the leading authority on this subject."

– Keith DeOrio, MD, Integrative  Physician

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One thought on “My Doctor Who Helped Me Kick Sugar in 1998 Just Gave Endorsement for My Book SUGAR SHOCK!

  1. This sounds like a great book and much needed in the so called ‘developed’ world.
    I work with a lot of people who could do with reading this book! I have a Nutritional Therapy practice in Manchester UK.
    Elizabeth Harfleet

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