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For October, Dare to Dream of a Sweeter Life Without Sweets

October is here, and usually this is the month millions, can trigger a Season of Sugar Overload™.

Indeed, Halloween is what I call the “gateway” holiday. (Yes, my use of a drug term is intentional.)

But you don’t have to be helpless prey to sugary treats that abound for the rest of the year.  Read on to find out how to Stand Strong™.


This October, I invite you to begin to dream big.

Dream of a life where you’re not a slave to sweets.

Dream of a life where you choose to claim health instead.

Dream of a life where joy, fun and excitement abound.

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, The Cravings Ninja ™.”]’Make this October the month you claim your Sweet, Sugar-Free Power™.[/shareable]

Make this October the month you claim your Sweet, Sugar-Free Power™ .

So I urge you: Take back your October now. Rather than being the month that sends you down a slippery path, let this October be the month when you take back your power.

To encourage you on your Sugar-Free October path, I invite you to get inspired by this quote from James Allen:

“The dreamers are the saviors of the world.”

Now, let’s give it a sugar-free twist.

Make this October the month you claim your Sweet, Sugar-Free Power™ .

Admittedly, you may think, “How can I ignore sugar this Halloween?” I’ve got one simple solution.

The first step to going sugar-free is to Claim that You Can™.

I know you can.

Now it’s time for you to know deep in your heart that you can.

Remember, your cravings will subside the longer you ignore temptations.

Also remember that if you do cave into your cravings for candies, cookies and other “treats,” you could get headachy, anxious, tired, frustrated, and be headed to a life of poor health.

For support, encouragement and a community, I invite you to join the Sugar-Free October movement on Facebook.

This event is being sponsored by my colleague Total Body Reset, Sugar-Free Me Health Coaching and Simply Total Health.

Join the Sugar-Free October movement now.

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