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Please Help Me Pick a New Logo

This blog is getting a major uplift, as I’ve shared earlier.

One of the big things I’ve been needing is a new logo, which better reflects my upbeat personality and my focus to help you Rebound After Relapse.

After lots of back and forth with my designer, we’re down to several top contenders. (Options 39 to 43.)

This where you come in.

Which of these logos do you like best to convey my spirit of compassion, energy and determination to help you Rebound
after Relapse?

Share either here, at the end of this blog post, or on my Facebook page which one you like best. Thanks in advance!

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5 thoughts on “Please Help Me Pick a New Logo

  1. Hey Bonnie… #43 suits best…

    Compassion… Green

    Energy… Red


    Font (styled like a signature) conveys ‘strongly’ you committed to the cause.

    …all the best : )

    take care

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