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Gab with the Gurus showsHave you had a chance to catch Gab with the Gurus Shows with Marianne Williamson, Marilu Henner, Dr. Judith Orloff, FlyLady Marla Cilley, Suzanne Somers and many more?

Below, you’ll find some of my most popular shows since June 17, 2008. (At that time, I renamed it to Gab with the Gurus. (Previously I called it the Stop Sugar Shock Radio Show.)

4/24/2013 9:00 AM Nick Ortner on The Tapping Solution

12/12/2012 9:00 AM Heal Your Grief & Find Peace with Dr. Louis E. LaGrand

7/25/2012 10:00 AMSelf-Compassion: The Key to Lose Weight & Be Happy

7/18/2012 9:00 AMDr. Christiane Northrup Helps You Create Vibrant Health

6/27/2012 9:00 AM Sugar is Addictive: Dr. Nicole Avena Shares Proof

11/16/2011 11:00 AM Marianne Williamson Tells You How to Release Excess Weight

7/12/2011 11:00 AM Doreen Virtue: On Being “Saved by an Angel”

6/15/2011 11:00 AM Lauren Frances on Love & How to Unhex Your Heart

4/23/2011 10:00 AM Self-Compassion: With Dr. Kristin Neff

3/29/2011 1:00 PM Zumba’s Meteoric Rise: With Founder Alberto “Beto” Perez

3/14/2011 11:00 AM Self-Compassion to Lose Weight with Jean Fain

2/11/2011 12:30 PM Zumba – How Zumba Instructor Rich Martinez Lost 75 Pounds

1/26/2011 12:00 PM In Loving Memory of Jack LaLanne: Interview with the Fitness & Anti-Sugar Legend

1/7/2011 11:00 AM Joe Vitale on the Law of Attraction, Forgiveness & More

9/9/2010 10:00 AM John Assaraf from “The Secret”

8/17/2010 11:00 AM Beat Your Addictions with Dr. Frederick Woolverton

8/9/2010 11:00 AM Forgiveness is the Solution with Dr. Philip Friedman

8/3/2010 11:00 AM Learn to Forgive with Dr. Fred Luskin

6/9/2010 12:00 PM The Truth About Men & Art of Loving with Dr. Pat Allen

6/2/2010 11:00 AM Lyme Disease: The Dangerous, Tick-Transmitted Disease — What it Is & How to Avoid It with Top Gurus

5/19/2010 11:00 AM America’s “Renegade Sex Expert” David Shade & “Go-Giver” Bob Burg

14/2010 1:00 PM Sugar Can Kill You — Nancy Appleton tells You How

3/24/2010 11:00 AM Bestselling Author Peggy McColl Shares How to Ignite Viral Explosions & How to Attract Abundance

12/9/2009 11:00 AM Heartfelt, Healthy Holiday Gifts

10/20/2009 11:00 AM Can Sugar Kill You Slowly? Author Nancy Appleton Tells You How

6/30/2009 12:00 PM Lisa Rinna Shares Secrets to Your Best Life & Karen Salmansohn Tells You How to Be Happy, Dammit!

6/23/2009 12:00 PM How to End Overeating w/ Former FDA Head Dr. David Kessler & Dr. Keith Berkowitz

6/16/2009 12:00 PM Think Big With Michael Port

6/2/2009 12:00 PM Dr. Judith Orloff Tells You How to Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions & Transform Your Life

5/26/2009 12:00 PM Marilu Henner: The Dynamic Actress/Author/Health Expert/Mom Shares Secrets to Living Your Life Well

5/19/2009 12:00 PM The Secret’s Lisa Nichols Tells You How to Succeed & Triumph “No Matter What”

5/5/2009 12:00 PM Single Women:: How to Find Love in 90 Days With Dr. Diana Kirschner

4/21/2009 12:00 PM Grieving Over the Loss of a Loved One? Get Help Healing With Grief Experts: In Honor of My Dad

4/14/2009 12:00 PM Singles & Unattached Women & Men: Learn to Call In “The One” in 7 Weeks w/ Katherine Woodward Thomas

4/13/2009 12:00 PM Single Ladies: Get the Scoop on Why Guys Aren’t Calling You Back With Rachel Greenwald

4/7/2009 12:00 PM LinkedIn: Social Networking Experts Jason Alba & Liz Lynch Explain How To Get Connections & More

3/31/2009 12:00 PM Twitter Secrets W/ Robert Scoble, Joel Comm, Peter Shankman, Warren Whitlock, Doug MacMillan, Etc.

3/25/2009 12:00 PM Montel Williams: How to Live Well Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually

3/24/2009 12:00 PM Facebook: Fast Path to Friends, Fame & Fun? Join Gurus Jesse Stay, Mari Smith, Greg Atwan, Etc.

3/23/2009 11:00 AM “FlyLady”: Cast Away Clutter & Claim a Healthy, Organized Life W/ “FlyLady” Marla Cilley (Thrive!)

3/3/2009 12:00 PM Superfoods Authority David “Avocado” Wolfe Shares Raw Food Secrets & Answers Your Questions

2/25/2009 12:00 PM Suzanne Somers Reveals How You Can Get A “Breakthrough” & Take “8 Steps to Wellness”

1/23/2009 9:00 AM Secrets of the Stars: “FitNation’s” Gina Lombardi, Plus Mary Tedesco & Howard Bragman Give You Tips

1/20/2009 12:00 PM Susan Powter: The TV Personality & Bestselling Author: A “Celebrity Health Secrets” Presentation

1/7/2009 12:00 PM New Year’s Resolutions: Get Secrets to Make 2009 A Success With “Goals Guy” Gary Ryan Blair

1/6/2009 12:00 PM Bestselling Author Dr. Mark Hyman Tells You How to Get An “UltraMind” – Ask Your Questions, Too

12/2/2008 12:00 PM Instant Attraction: Make People Like You & Make Someone Fall in Love With You With Nicholas Boothman

11/25/2008 12:00 PM How to Find Gifts That Make A Diference, No Matter What Your Budget With Top Gift Gurus

11/19/2008 2:30 PM Find Gifts On Any Budget with “Gift Guru” Robyn Spizman: (1)Thrive (Don’t Just Survive) the Holidays

11/18/2008 12:00 PM High Fructose Corn Syrup: Should We Believe the New Ads? Get the Scoop About This Popular Sweetener

10/7/2008 12:00 PM Learn to Live the Truth With the Renowned Dr. Keith Ablow

9/16/2008 12:00 PM Corn Syrup Ads: True or False? The Numerati: Invading Privacy? Stephen Baker & Curt Ellis Dish Dirt

8/5/2008 12:00 PM Lyme Disease: Get the Truth on the Fast-Spreading Disease With Pamela Weintraub & Other Experts

7/15/2008 12:00 PM Lose Weight With Celebrity Diet/Fess Expert Harley Pasternak & The “Charmed” Victoria Moran

6/24/2008 12:00 PM Biggest Loser’s Cheryl Forberg Tips to Become Ageless! Bruce Schneider Tells You How to Thrive Now

6/17/2008 12:00 PM Happiness: Learn How to Get It With Marci Shimoff of “The Secret”

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