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Do You Push Yourself Too Hard?

I’m so eager to serve you this year, but, alas, I’m still home recovering from pneumonia, as I shared here when I shared my friend Angelika’s Chicken  Bone Broth recipe.

Although I’m a lot better, I still get weak quickly and easily. And I still don’t have any stamina to work out. Please note that next I got bronchitis, too!

What’s weird is that don’t fit into the at-risk categories so why did I get so darn sick?

In large part, it was my fault.  Oops!

Admittedly, I pushed myself far, far, far too hard last year.

First, I moved, packing boxes, getting organized, etc.

Then, I drove all the way to a fabulous weeklong 40 Years of Zen program (after driving 21-23 hours to and from Seattle).

Next, I hopped on a plane (the very next day) to attend another awesome, weeklong Tony Robbins event.

Then, after pushing myself hard at the Tony Robbins event, I flew back to my new place and about a day later, I got a cold.

A few days after that, while the heater in my new place wasn’t working right, and I was too cold at night, my cold got worse.

Then came pneumonia and antibiotics.

The good news is that I’m on the mend.

But, wow, pneumonia is one scary illness, as you can learn here.

It’s quite alarming when your lungs hurt and press on your chest!

Now, I really have to watch myself, because I tend to push myself too hard.

Oops, that’s what I did today while resolving many things in my new place.

Do you push yourself too hard?

And have you ever had pneumonia?

Talk to me. Tell me when pushing yourself too hard made you sick. I’d love to hear what’s happened to you.


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