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Santa Seeks Nutritional Therapies to Beat His Type 2 Diabetes


Earlier this month, Santa Claus went public with his diagnosis of type-2 diabetes and asked for the help of nutritionists and experts to teach him how to overcome the blood sugar disorder before Christmas. is now coordinating an effort to help Santa use a course of nutritional therapy designed to reverse his diabetic condition.

"I am committed to regaining my health in a safe, natural way that does not make me dependent on prescription medications," Santa told NewsTarget. "I am now working with a team of top nutritionists to get rid of all the diabetes-promoting foods in my pantry."

That team includes Connie Bennett, author of the book, SUGAR SHOCK! (now available on Dec. 26); Byron Richards, author of Mastering Leptin (available at WellnessResources); Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., author of Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine and founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, and Mike Adams, author of How to Halt Diabetes in 25 Days (available at

Richards advised Santa that while he was recovering he would need to avoid all refined sugar and refined carbohydrates, including the high-fructose corn syrup found in sodas. Santa was at first dismayed, as his favorite foods were sugar-coated pastries and cookies. Santa brightened up considerably when Richards told him to focus on having a "Berry Merry Christmas." Santa was told to have a cup of fresh blueberries every other day. On his off days he was to eat blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. To increase variety Santa was advised to also include cherries and pomegranate.

Richards explained that while these fresh fruits contained natural sugar, their healing power is found in their deeply-colored pigments. Unlike the refined foods that dominate our current disease-stricken culture, these colorful foods have the power to change Santa’s health back to normal.

Connie Bennett offered Santa specific advice for getting over sugar. "Santa, even though you’re the world’s most famous gift giver, I recommend that right now, before you get ultra-busy leaving presents for kids around the globe that you give yourself the greatest gift of all — and that’s creating some good habits, which could improve your health," Bennett said.


"To begin, I suggest that you ask Mrs. Claus to support you on your new, life-changing program," Bennett continued. "Ask her to start preparing healthy meals and snacks for you. First off, you need to keep fresh vegetables and low-sugar fruits around. Then it could be helpful to eat fish and lean meats, legumes, seeds, as well as healthy fats like olive oil, nuts and avocados. Also try to avoid all those processed, white-flour carbs — cookies, crackers, breads, and, of course, soft drinks."

Bennett then offered Santa two nutritional tips to jump-start his progress:

"1) Delay. This is the first of my ‘Six D’s’ that I developed back in 1998 when I kicked sugar on doctor’s orders. If those cookies tempt you, just put off having them for five minutes. Basically, you’ll be doing creative procrastination — you’re putting off eating that junk food for a few minutes. Then you can delay again and again until your desire subsides.

"2) Think fulfillment, not deprivation. Santa, even though you’re cutting back on sugary foods, please keep saying ‘Ho, ho, ho,’ Don’t give into a woe-is-me attitude and start feeling sorry for yourself that you can’t have cookies. A better approach toward your diabetes is to say, ‘Wow, if I quit eating sugary chocolate and French fries and drinking soda, I’ll get my health back. That makes it worthwhile to set aside my sugar habit.’

The entire team agrees that Santa must severely restrict or eliminate his consumption of all refined sugars and carbohydrates in order to beat type-2 diabetes. "Together, we hope to see Santa reinvigorate his health by boosting consumption of fresh produce, plant-based oils and targeted nutritional supplements that include chromium and trace minerals," said Mike Adams. "Combined with frequent exercise, we expect to see Santa experience a rapid reversal of type-2 diabetes."

Fresh, organic produce is now being delivered to the North Pole, where Santa is using a Vita-Mix blender to make his own nutrient-rich smoothies from fruits, vegetables, nuts and superfoods. and will continue to follow this story and bring you reports on Santa’s progress.

See the announcement (Part 1) about about Santa’s diabetes challenge.

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