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sweet success story Have you shed weight, eliminated your horrible headaches, gotten rid of your pre-cancerous condition, or done away with another pesky health problem by kicking or cutting back on sugar, refined carbs and other high-glycemic foods such as corn nuts, potato chips, and French fries?

Quitting rapidly processed carbohydrates (what I call “culprit carbs”) is one of the fastest and most effective ways to lose weight and overcome a variety of health challenges, as thousands of people — whom I call “Sugar Kickers” or “Carb Kickers” — have been gleefully sharing with me for 16 years since I quit the dangerous carbs on doctor’s orders.

Now, let me tell your Sweet Success Story.

We’d like to hear from you if you’ve had a drastic health improvement by cutting out sugar, quickie carbs, gluten, dairy or artificial sweeteners.

If you’re a Sweet Success Story — whether you lost weight, got more energy, improved your moods or got your diabetes under control — we want to read your tale here.

By sharing your story, you’ll be able to inspire, motivate, and encourage people from around the world.

Wondering what I mean? Read some motivational Sweet Success Stories shared here previously:

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Not a success story yet?

No problem. Just get inspired here first. Find out “What’s in it for me?” Then share your Sweet Success Story later. (FYI, to quality, you need to be off sugar and most refined carbs for at least 6 months.)

To learn about the amazing benefits of stomping out your sugar habit for good, you’re invited to eavesdrop on 12 of hundreds of interviews I’ve conducted over the years.

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In addition, you can hear my tale as well as that of Roberta Ruggiero, who was my Kick-Sugar Guardian Angel back in 1998.

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