Sugar Shock World Summit Scheduled

It’s my pleasure to announce that the first Sugar Shock World Summit — which was previously called the Sugar World Summit — will take place from Oct. 15 to 22, 2018.

This free event is scheduled to start right before what I call Sugar Overload Day, or Halloween.

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, The Cravings Ninja™”]Save the Date: The 2018 Sugar Shock World Summit comes right before Halloween to educate and inspire you.[/shareable]Although Halloween is an doesn’t take place around the world, October to December marks the Season of Sugar Overload in just about every civilized country, from the United States to Great Britain to Australia.

During those two months, millions mindlessly stuff sweets and processed carbs — from candy canes to candied yams — into their poor bodies. All that carb garbage (carbage, as I call it) can pave the way for sugar and carb gorgers to get hypoglycemia, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, many other diseases and possibly an early death.

In this free Sugar Shock World Summit, you’ll get alarming, enlightening and inspiring information from renowned anti-sugar pioneers, scientists, researchers, New York Times bestselling authors, educators, and wellness gurus, who specialize in sugar addiction, cravings, weight loss, emotional eating, compassion and mindfulness.

You’ll get interviews that give you information:

  • The Sour Scoop (This is when top experts dish the dirt about the dangers of over consuming sugar, which most of us do.)
  • Simple, Savory Ways to Crush Your Cravings On the Go™ (You’ll get fast, easy-to-use, powerful tools to make you smarter, stronger and sneaker when you’re bombarded by all those dangerous temptations.)
  • Sweet Success Stories (In short, inspiring segments, you’ll hear from some truly amazing movers and shakers.)

A list of participants will be provided shortly, but, previously, as you can see here (when I was organizing the summit four years ago), some of the biggest names will join us.

As I shared earlier, the Sugar Shock World Summit has been years in the making.

Back in October 2014, I first announced this worldwide event, but then, for a variety of reasons, including wanting to support launches by other colleagues, I reluctantly rescheduled it a few times. But during this, my 20th Year of Sugar Freedom, it’s time to host the first Sugar Shock World Summit.

In addition, I want to publicly honor and thank the non-profit Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, whose founder, Roberta Ruggiero, was instrumental in my letting sugar go.  And I want to encourage you to join me in donating to this worthwhile organization.

During the Sugar Shock World Summit, you’ll get educated, shocked and guided by a who’s who of experts, who will tell you about:

  • How cutting-edge research demonstrates the link between over consuming sugar and processed carbs and getting hypoglycemia, type 2 diabetes and many other dangerous, life-shortening diseases and conditions.
  • How you can get addicted to sugary foods and carbs.
  • How to quickly, easily Crush Your Cravings™ for candies, cookies,and quickie carbs (rapidly metabolized carbohydrates). This is a subject near and dear to my heart, because after losing my mother, I faced my own Crazy-Cravings.
  • How to prevent a relapse or end a relapse before you spiral out of control.
  • How to Rebound After Relapse™.
  • How eating mindfully can come to your rescue.
  • How compassion can help save you if you do let those tempting sweets and fast carbs get the best of you.
  • And much more.

Now for a little history .Initially, after I announced four years ago, some of the biggest names in the field came on board. Many of these experts, whom I’ve known for years (since before the release of my first book, Sugar Shock in 2006), agreed to participate.

But as I kept inviting more and more exciting speakers and reconnecting with health colleagues after taking lots of personal time to stand by my difficult, dying Mom, I learned about launches by many esteemed experts, all of whom I greatly admire and respect. So I postponed the Sugar World Summit.

But this year, since I’m celebrating 20 years off sugar, it’s time to give back, and that’s why I’m hosting the Sugar Shock Summit in 2018.

So save the dates Oct. 15 to 22. Exciting speakers and topics are in store for you to help you Live a Sweeter Life Naturally™.

Got ideas to make this an amazing Sugar Shock Summit? Submit your thoughts here.