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Sugar Addicts: Did Mom Turn You Into A Sugar Junkie? 5 Tips to Avoid The Same Fate

With Mother’s Day coming soon, I thought the following article was appropriate. Enjoy.

Sugar Addicts: Did Mom Turn You Into A Sugar Junkie? 5 Tips to Avoid The Same Fate

By Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C., with Lisa R. Delman, M.A.

You may have inherited your mom’s smile. You may share her love of clothes. Perhaps you both sneeze when you’re around daisies.

But you may also take after your mother in another way. You may have become “addicted” to candies, cookies, soda or chocolate just like her.

In other words, did mom unknowingly turn you into a sugar addict?

But we’re not here to lay guilt trips on poor mom. Rather, we want to tell you how to break free from a destructive habit that your mother may have passed onto you—and mother’s mother may have passed onto her. And so on. (If you’re getting impatient, learn about one way now to cut through the emotional clutter and make peace with mom.)

After all, your relationship with your mom is the first one that you have, and it profoundly influences the course of your life.

Here are 5 ways to escape the sugar trap that your mom may have unintentionally given to you:

  1. Do “Sugary Soul Searching.” In other words, think about how your sugar habit began. (For example, did mom and dad take you out for ice cream as a reward when you were good? Did your mom buy huge bottles of soda and keep them around your home all the time? Did you get chocolate if you finished your dinner? Did you catch mom in the kitchen secretly polishing off last night’s dessert? Did she prepare special desserts just for you and get hurt if you didn’t want any?)
  1. Think about how your mom used to relate to sweets. Or maybe still does. (Does your mother serve special treats to show her love? Does she use desserts to lay a guilt trip on you? Perhaps she offers edible “goodies” to make peace with members of the family?)
  1. Do a special visualization meditation in which you see, feel and hear yourself discussing topics with your mother that have been on your mind for years. Make sure to envision yourself opening your heart to her.
  1. Have a conversation with your mother in which you discuss your mutual connection to sugar and chat about other matters of the heart. (You can talk with her whether or not she’s alive.)
  1. Write a letter to your mom to achieve closure and a new more meaningful connection. In your own words, you’ll share feelings that you’ve kept inside for years. (You won’t be mailing this letter, but writing it will help you to forgive her, as well as to release your anger, sadness and frustration.)  The power of writing such a letter cannot be overestimated. Putting thoughts and feelings on paper has helped thousands of women worldwide.)

Naturally, many of us would like to have better relationships with our mothers (whether she’s alive or not).

By resolving past grievances and resentments with mom, you can more easily let go of your frustrating attraction to sugar and other unhealthy behaviors and feelings.

Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C. is author of SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books, 2007). She is a certified holistic health counselor and former sugar addict, who now has a healthy relationship with her mother. Lisa Delman is author of Dear Mom, I’ve Always Wanted You to Know (Penguin Group, 2005). She almost lost her mom to heart disease, and the shock drove her to write 11 cathartic letters to her. Since then, Lisa developed “The Letters From the Heart Project” and has taught thousands of women around the world to write a powerful, letter to mom to help release pent-up emotions and to honor the most important relationship of your life. Learn how to write a powerful, moving letter to mom now.

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