SUGAR SHOCK! Is Now # 7 on — I Will Refund You If You Don’t Like It!

My book SUGAR SHOCK! just hit # 7 on

Here’s proof:


  • ISBN: 0425213579
  • Pub. Date: December 2006
  • Sales Rank: 7
  • Customer Rating:
    Customer Rating for this product is 5 out of 5
  • About all I can say is Oooo-eee!!!

    Look if I’m coming off a little sales-y today, it’s because I want this book to get noticed!

    It needs to get noticed by people and by members of the media so that I can get the word out about sugar’s dangers. People need to hear about SUGAR SHOCK! because it can help them!!

    I will stand by this book so much so that I will personally refund you out of my own pocket if you don’t like this book!!

    Here are the rules and conditions:

    • You have to buy SUGAR SHOCK! today on
    • You need to keep your receipt.
    • You have exactly one week after you received your book and have finished reading it to contact me and give me 3 to 10 very specific reasons (relating to the information provided) as to why I should reimburse you. (In other words, you can’t tell me you need th money for bus or care fare. That’s not fair to me.) You have to flat ouit be dissatisfied with the information I provided.

    Is this the kookiest offer you’ve heard — being issued here on the Internet no less?!!!

    This is how much I stand by my book and the information it contains

    Remember, would-be readers: I am ONE of you! The sugar-hooked Connie of 1998 is my target audience!

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