Sweet Liberty or Sugar Slavery?

I’m really troubled.

Lately, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about some amazing, driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs I recently, thanks to inspiring conferences presented by the remarkable “Queen of Sales Conversion” Lisa Sasevich and innovative Product Launch Formula creator Jeff Walker.

Why am I so concerned about these women and men, who clearly — because they’re attending Lisa’s or Jeff’s events — have a Big Why, a burning mission and a huge desire to help many, possibly hundreds of thousands of people?

Because among the hundreds of people in attendance — many of whom traveled from all over the world to learn from Jeff or Lisa — I keep coming across movers and shakers, who seem to be ruled often by their Crazy Cravings™ for candies, cookies, or other junk foods.

They are sugar-addicted, carbs-obsessed, or weight-challenged.

Alas, these Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs — who have so much to give — just aren’t Healthy.

The more I hung out with some of these truly amazing, cheerful, generous people, the more worried I became…

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, Author, Sugar Shock & Beyond Sugar Shock”]Your Big Why can guide you to Sweet Liberty, not Sugar Slavery.[/shareable]

Please note that I have HUGE respect for these Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs.

They are driven by their Big Why. And some of them are succeeding in stellar ways — or, they’re on the way there. They are making a Big Difference…


How long will these Heart-Driven Entrepreneurs be around to fulfill their missions?

As I watch several of them mindlessly gobble candies and incessantly guzzle soda despite their obvious weight issues, I worry about them.

Because, as the research irrefutably concludes, they are seriously increasing the risk of getting cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or another 100-plus ailments.

The lives of these Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs may be cut short by a decade or more because they’re eating junk foods.

Lately, I’ve been consumed by thoughts of:

  • “How can I help these amazing people?”
  • “How can I serve these awesome individuals, who have such work to do?”
  • “How can I kindly, gently, compassionately convince them to treat their bodies well so they’ll live long enough to fulfill their Big Why?

Ultimately, what it comes down to — no matter who you are —  a heart-centered entrepreneur, a mother, father, or an up-and-coming mover and shaker — you need to take care of your precious body.

It’s the only one you have.

So the next time you mindlessly reach for candies, cookies or soda, please remind yourself: “Eating or drinking this junk will NOT help me achieve your dreams and goals. 

Not only that but gorging or guzzling this processed crap will likely cut your life short.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to be healthy, happy and active so you can focus on your Big Why?

Special thanks to Unsplash and photographer Ximena Torres Rodríguez.

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