Sugar Addiction: 7 Fast-Track Secrets to Break Free (Complimentary Teleseminar)

Are you fed up with the fact that you often can’t lose control when it comes to sugar?
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1) What one activity will help you lose weight and it doesn’t involve food. (It also will help you to reduce sugar cravings.)
2) What one word DOOMS your goal to quit sugar and/or lose weight. (Just get rid of that word, and you can kick your success mentality into action.)
3) What one main element is missing from most diet programs.
4) What expectation can doom your die*ting success.
5) Why your Sugar Addiction is a Blessing, not a Tragedy. (I know — that sounds strange!)
6) What 3 types of foods can help with sugar cravings. (And what to do if you absolutely have to
eat sugar.)
7) What one simple shift can help ensure kick-sugar and weight loss success.
Plus, you’ll also have a chance to listen to one or two Sugar Kickers talk about how life changed dramatically after letting go of their sugar addiction.
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Sugar Shock Defined

Often, just about whenever journalists, radio hosts or TV reporters interview me, they ask me what I mean by the phrase “Sugar Shock.”
As you can guess, I’ve thought about this a log, given that I wrote a book called Sugar Shock!
Here’s how I define Sugar Shock.
Bear in mind that this Sugar Shock is a condition that afflicts millions of people
worldwide, including possibly as high as 80 percent to 90 percent of the U.S. population.
SUGAR SHOCK™ – A mood-damaging, personality-bending, health-destroying, confusion-creating constellation of symptoms affecting millions of people worldwide, who often turn to processed sweets and much-like-sugar carbs, which send their blood sugar levels wildly soaring and plummeting.
These people are suffering from what they may call sugar addiction or carb addiction.
The term Sugar Shock is intended to encompass the often-misdiagnosed and maligned
condition of reactive hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), as well as other blood sugar disorders,
from insulin resistance to diabetes.
Considerable research reveals that repeatedly overconsuming sweeteners, dessert foods,
and culprit, quickie carbs (such as white rice, French bread, chips, etc.) wreaks havoc on
your blood sugar levels, overstimulates insulin release, triggers inflammation, and
could contribute to more than 150 health problems, including obesity, diabetes, heart
disease, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, severe PMS, failing memory, depression,
mental confusion or “brain fog,” mood swings, Candida, sexual dysfunction, infertility,
wrinkles, acne, and early aging.
Victims of Sugar Shock also may experience such baffling symptoms as excessive fatigue,
headaches, dizziness, cold sweats, anxiety, irritability, tremors, crying spells, drowsiness or
the opposite (sleeplessness), forgetfulness, heart palpitations, nightmares, blurred vision,
muscle pains, temper outbursts, suicidal thoughts, and more.
Ultimately, this insidious Sugar Shock roller-coaster effect brought on by eating
too many inferior carbs hampers sufferers’ ability to function at full throttle–or even
half throttle.
Learn more about the dangers of Sugar Shock in my book Sugar Shock!
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Halloween: Prevent Sugar Shock

Halloween can be a harrowing time for both kids and their parents, because on this holiday and the days or even weeks that follow, kids will often face major blood sugar highs and lows after pigging out on dozens of sugar-laden candies.
In other words, they’ll be hurled into sugar shock.
Let’s face it, no matter what kind of limits their parents may try to place on their children’s candy consumption, youngsters will often overdose on sweets, even if they have to do it in secret.
Unfortunately, that’s what Halloween means these days. It’s a nationally sanctioned “Sugar Overload Day.”
So how can you help your young trick-or-treaters not get wiped out, cranky, depressed, headachy or charged up from having too many candies?
The way to soften the blood-sugar-bouncing whammy and lessen sugar shock is to make sure that your children eat a healthy meal before they cavort aroundthe neighborhood trick-or-treating for candies.
For instance, before they head for the streets, give your children: