How to Skip Overeating This Thanksgiving: 3 Simple Tips for a Sweeter, Slimming Holiday

Every Thanksgiving, being grateful often takes a back seat to over-indulging at family gatherings.
Gulping down fast-acting, processed carbohydrates, sugar-loaded desserts, and gluten-rich foods is far more common than pleasurably savoring the various culinary concoctions.
20101117-stuffingFor many, Thanksgiving means they’ll go into Sugar Shock and Carb Shock (as I dub it), and develop “Grain Brain,” as Dr. David Perlmutter puts it in his book of the same name.
In fact, I predict that on Thanksgiving, most Americans will overeat, especially those culplrit carbs.
It’s simply a given that you’ll over-indulge on this holiday. One gym even suggested that you “work out before you pig out.” Aargh!
It’s time to ignore the insidious programming that drives you to overeat on Thanksgiving.
Even if you’ve stuffed yourself at previous holiday feasts, instead this Thanksgiving you can achieve Sweet Freedom.
To begin the Sweet Freedom Thanksgiving Funcise (Fun Exercise), think ahead to the day after Thanksgiving,
Choose now not to get an upset stomach. Plan now not to pig out. Select the smarter choice — to savor the sweet holiday experience.
This Thanksgiving, you can easily shift your attention away from those cunning carbs and desserts, which most Americans over-consume and which ample research shows can contribute to more than 100-plus diseases and ailments, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and even an early death.
It’s time to take back your Sugar Power and Carb Control. This Thanksgiving, you can avoid being overly tempted by:
Cranberries, a super-healthy food that’s generally downgraded by adding gobs of sugar.
Yams or sweet potatoes, whose inherent nutrient-goodness is often destroyed on Thanksgiving by adding unnecessary brown sugar and marshmallows.
Stuffing, which generally contains gluten galore. (Use Dr. Sarah Gottlieb’s awesome gluten-free, sugar-free recipe instead.)
Pumpkin pie, which is a far cry from the delectable, nutritious, fiber-rich vegetable and weight-loss ally, as Dr. Jonny Bowden points out. The dessert you usually get a Thankisviing is weighed down by sugary, fatty ingredients; features a gluten-rich crust; and is slathered by whipped cream.
Gravy-sodden turkey.
Here’s a three-part simple way to skip over-indulging this Thanksgiving and take leisurely, sociable tastes instead. (I recommend you take two to four small bites maximium of each dish.)
But before you dig into those tantalizing carb creations, just ask yourself these three simple questions:
Would I rather overeat [fill in name of food(s)] tonight and feel sluggish, fuzzy-headed, and cranky tomorrow (for up to three days afterwards)? OR would I rather have a slim, healthy body and mind? (If you have weight to lose, this thought can stop you from over-indulging.)
Would I rather overeat those carbs or sweets or enjoy the good company of family and friends on this special day?
Wouldn’t I rather feel better about myself by shifting my focus from the carb-food to gratitude, which, of course, is supposed to be the whole point of this celebration? Remind yourself that night of list of “5 Things for Which I’m Most Grateful.”
This simple, three-part mental exercise can take your attention away from those potentially harmful carb substasnces and instead put you on the path toward feeling good and enjoying your life -– not just on this holiday but during the whole holiday season ahead.
Have a sweet, joyous and healthy Thanksgiving.
New to this Sugar Shock Blog? Connie Bennett is a former lethargic, dejected sugar-addicted journalist, who reluctantly quit sugar on doctor’s orders in 1998 after being pummeled by 44 strange ailments (brain fog, heart palpitations, mood swings, etc.). Now, 15 years later, the energetic, uplifting Connie spreads the word that Life is Sweeter When Sugar Doesn’t Seduce You™. She is recognized as the Sweet Freedom Coach, and she is a life coach, health coach, blogger, and motivational speaker, who has helped thousands of sugar and carb addicts worldwide. Connie is author of two bestselling books, Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock, which have been praised by many acclaimed health gurus and celebrities, including America’s Favorite Doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, Brian Tracy, Bernie Siegel, Mark Sisson, Marci Shimoff, John Assaraff, JJ Virgin, Katie Dolgin (“High Voltage”), and Jimmy Moore.
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I am Thankful for You: Connect with Me on Facebook

Thank you, wonderful readers, for continuing to visit this Sugar Shock Blog although I’ve been gone a lot due to my mom’s terminal illness over the last year and lately have been grieving over her recent death.
I’m very grateful to you.
In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can learn more about my tender, but trying time in this previous blog post.
I had hoped to get back to posting regularly a lot sooner than this, but I just needed more time to heal.
I’ve also been — and still am — experimenting with various healing techniques so that I can let go of my grief.
Soon, you’ll be able to to listen again to top experts on my Gab with the Gurus Show, and to join my Sugar Freedom Now Course.
Also, connect with me on Facebook. I’ve now begun to regularly post articles and thoughts again. I also am beginning to ask you intriguing (I hope) questions again, and I’d love to read your replies. See you soon on Facebook!

Mom Taught Me How to Live & Die with Courage, Gratitude and Spunk: She Can Teach You, Too

This is the most painful blog post I’ve ever had to write. But, dear reader, I feel that I owe you an explanation of why I’ve been absent so often and for such long stretches of time during the past year.
Last fall, my strong, energetic, astute, health-conscious mother — who lived nearly 3,000 miles away — announced at an intimate family gathering that she’d been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.
My dear Mom — whose lung cancer had absolutely nothing to do with smoking – chose to forego any medical treatment that might give her unwanted side effects. In other words, she didn’t want to take pills, submit to chemotherapy, etc. Instead, she opted to let the cancer run its course and to lead her life to the fullest in whatever time she had left.
After her initial shock at getting stage 4 lung cancer, my normally healthy Mom went on to beat the odds — heroically, stoically, defiantly — for a full year. Remarkably, she lived well past the three months she thought she’d last.
Recently, after going through her long, amazing “bucket” list of things she wanted to do, Mom passed away peacefully, with a smile on her face.
Mom_heartThankfully, for nearly a year, I was around to personally watch Mom’s brave battle, because as soon as I completed last-minute editing and fact-checking deadlines for my then-upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock, I hurriedly moved from New York City (my home for the past decade) to be near Mom in California (where she lived) for what we thought would be her final weeks or months.
As it turned out, Mom lasted another 9 1/2 months after I arrived so I had the good fortune of being able to spend many amazing times with her at the end of her life.
What a life-changing experience it’s been — terribly painful and grueling, but also truly uplifting and inspiring.
Looking back, it was a rare honor and distinct privilege to see Mom valiantly fighting off the lung cancer that was invading her increasingly frail body and brain.
And how extraordinary to see her indomitable spirit prevail so long past the few months she thought she had left!
Indeed, the entire year since Mom’s diagnosis was filled with a bitter-sweetness — precious new memories; unexpected obstacles; valuable lessons; gut-wrenching, disease-triggered side effects such as anger and impatience; and sweet, tender moments that I now call “My Mom Miracles.” Like the time she called me up just to say, “I’m feeling weak, but I want you to know I love you very much.” What experience can top that?!
Perhaps my biggest takeaway from the last year is this: Mom taught me the secret to dying well.
My mother went out with such style, spirit, and spunk!
All of us still living can learn from my mother.
Mom offered a stellar example of how best to leave this earth: The secret to dying well is to seize the moment with courage and determination and to squeeze as much joy, fun and deliciousness as you can while doing what you most love.
Although I’m shedding tears now as I write this, what I now find amusing is that Mom’s things-to-do-before-I-die “bucket list” demonstrated a vitality, enthusiasm, and verve that many young people lack. What Mom did in her last year of life would would put many people to shame!
Just read about her end-of-life “exploits,” if you will.
In between napping (and suffering from the indignities of the disease), my wheelchair-bound mother went to challenging plays, modern ballet performances, thoughtful art movies, high-definition Metropolitan Opera screenings, nice restaurants (including new eateries), her favorite farmers’ markets (Mom loved organic fruits and vegetables), and even a nearby beach, where she loved to watch waves crash against the shore. (Recently, at her request, in a private memorial ceremony, I scattered Mom’s cremains — that’s the word for cremated remains — into the Pacific Ocean.)
While the lung cancer was rapidly spreading and her time was running out, Mom also gave cooking lessons to her nurses and me (I now have a notebook of newly acquired great recipes); did some redecorating (she surrounded herself with photos of loved ones, added longer bamboos to one of her favorite vases, and bought new, cute end tables); and did final, generous planning and organizing of papers, finances, etc.
This past summer, Mom even vicariously swam with me. What I mean is that when she no longer had the strength to swim herself, Mom — who didn’t even complain that she wasn’t up to it — asked me to take a few laps in her favorite area, near the ocean. (It had salt water, not chlorine.) When I returned from my swim, Mom looked at peace and said she felt “refreshed” and “calm,” as I did. Isn’t that amazing?
In her final days, Mom even continued to read two newspapers daily (who does that?!), often underlined sections she found interesting, and saved piles of articles for me to read (I’m still going through them!).
Much to my utter joy and profound relief, Mom also lasted long enough to see my second book, Beyond Sugar Shock, get published. (It came out in June). You can read (below) the book’s Dedication that I wrote for her. (I’m so thankful that my Hay House editors kindly let me add it at the last minute.)
In other words, knowing that she was going to die soon, Mom was determined to enjoy a dazzling end of life, spending many meaningful, memorable times alone, as well as with friends and loved ones, including me, of course.
As I think back over this past year, I am grateful for so many things.
I’m grateful that Mom and I were able to spend so many good times together doing things we both loved (going to the theater, farmer’s markets, films, Metropolitan Opera screenings, dinners, the beach, etc.)
I’m grateful that Mom and I were able to share the simple, fun pleasure of finding grammatical errors in newspapers or books. That’s a love we both shared. (I suspect that I became an author and journalist, in part, because of Mom’s love for the English language and her interest in the world.)
I’m grateful that Mom took time, even in her final days, to teach me things that she felt are very important. (Read below about some of her lessons.)
I’m grateful that Mom forgave me for the many times in the past when I disappointed her, “fell short,” or did something “wrong.” (Hey, I haven’t been the perfect daughter over the years.) Likewise, I am grateful that I was able to forgive her, too.
I’m grateful that Mom said truly nice things about me to others (behind my back). She described me to her rabbi as a “wonderful, loving, supportive daughter with a heart of gold.” (I’m getting tears in my eyes again.)
I’m grateful that I was able to say goodbye to Mom the night before she passed away. I told her that it was okay to go, that I’m strong and that I’ll be fine without her, that she had taught me a lot, that I’ll think of her whenever I swim (one of her favorite things to do), that I’ll make her proud of me, and that she’d been a wonderful role model.
I’m also grateful that Mom, without even realizing it, gave me an idea for — and inspired me to write — a much-needed book, which can help many. I’m now hard at work writing it as I grieve for her.
Now, here’s the Dedication my Hay House editors let me add at the last minute to my book, Beyond Sugar Shock, after I learned that Mom had stage 4 lung cancer. (It comes right before the Table of Contents.)
To My Beloved Mom
To my amazingly strong, talented, inspiring mom. Thank you for teaching me by your stellar example to believe in myself and to optimistically pursue my goals and dreams, to embrace the arts and other passions with a childlike enthusiasm, and to persevere no matter what.
And here’s another, more recently written special Dedication to Mom that I’m posting on this Sugar Shock Blog and my other blogs, including my Gab with the Gurus Blog.
To My Remarkable Mom, Who Taught Me to Die Well
Dearest Mom, although your time on earth has ended, you still inspire, motivate, and guide me. I think of you often, and I miss you a lot.
You’d be happy to know that I still remember your many lessons. For example, I’m determined—like you—to follow my dreams with steadfast optimism, staunch determination, unwavering dedication, and purposeful perseverance.
What’s more, I’ll follow your lead and make sure to have ample integrity, self-discipline, and courage in the face of unexpected obstacles and surprising disappointments.
And yes, Mom, I’ll take your smart advice to continue to eat healthy foods and stay active; floss my teeth daily and get them cleaned regularly; put on hand lotion often; plan better so I’m always on time; see your nutritionist periodically; be well-read so I’m not “boring” (and can talk about more than sugar!); avoid potentially carcinogenic food (with grill marks); and, most of all, carefully drive the awesome car you found and generously bought for me a mere six weeks before you died.
Mom, I’ll also try to stop nodding my head and quit fiddling with my curly hair when people talk (because it makes them nervous); quit interrupting and listen better; and wear those kitchen gloves you gave me when I wash dishes (so my hands don’t get rough)!
Most of all, Mom, thank you for your two final, precious gifts, which meant the world to me. Thank you for calling me to say “I’m feeling very weak, but I want you to know that I love you very much.”
And I’m so glad that you told your rabbi—a few days before the cancer came to claim you—“Connie is a wonderful, loving, supportive, daughter with a heart of gold.” I’m very touched that you thought so highly of me, Mom, and I will try to live up to that opinion for the rest of my life.
Dearest Mom, I’m a far better, kinder, sweeter, more compassionate person because of you. Now, in your honor, I commit to developing the best of your qualities in me and to do my best to help many people around the world.
Dear reader, do you have any memories of your late or living Mom, Dad, son, daughter, brother, sister, in-laws, etc.? We’d love to have you share them with us here.
And what did you learn from my personal post?
Special thanks to Raeleen Sewell for the wonderful work of art (above). See her touching blog post, too, about missing her mom.

Announcing “Beyond Sugar Shock.” Tweeter Wins Contest

Amazon Sug Sh 51RDZ7DBVAL._SL110_ Thanks to the many amazing people, who kindly submitted suggestions on this Sugar Shock Blog, on the Facebook Smart Habits Fans page and via email, my next book, the follow-up to Sugar Shock, now has a title.
Drum roll… I’m pleased to announce that my next book will be called Beyond Sugar Shock.
The subtitle is The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get a Slimmer, Sexier, Sweeter Life.
The winner of the Name My Next Book Contest is the innovative, kindTwitter user @RHfan58, Donna, who was sweet enough to tweet me five suggestions for the book title. (She suggested Beyond Sugar, but as far as I’m concerned, adding Shock to the title was a no-brainer. (Donna, please reply to my personal message on Twitter so I can give you your gifts.)
As I shared previously here and also here, Beyond Sugar Shock will provide a six-week, step-by-step program to help you escape from sugar shock. This book is designed to help you if you’re a sugar addict, overweight, obeseor plagued by headaches, headaches, depression, “brain fog, fatigue, low libido or severe PMS.Hay House images
Beyond Sugar Shock is coming to you, thanks to my new publisher, Hay House, which is the international leader in self-help and transformational publishing.
Let’s face it, kicking sugar can be tough to do even though you know that kicking it can help you to lose weight, get more energy, boost your libido, prevent or reverse diabetes and live longer.
Therefore, in Beyond Sugar Shock, you’ll get valuable tools and tips that will make letting go of your sugar addiction simple – and even fun. In it:
* You’ll get a mind/body/spirit approach to breaking free.
* You’ll undertake simple, interactive adventurcises™ (my word for adventurous exercises), which will drive you to important self-discoveries..
* You’ll get several dozen ways to stomp out your sugar cravings.
* You’ll discover your sugar color code. (Yes, we’re all different in our relationship with sweets, and this knowledge will empower you to make the right choices for you.)
* You’ll detox gradually so that your body, mind and even soul won’t go into shock as you move beyond your sugar obsessions and towards a better life.
* You’ll get healthy meal plans and tasty recipes from a nutritionist and exercise physiologist.
* You’ll learn to Enjoy a Sweeter Life Without Refined Sweets™.
* And much more.
In Beyond Sugar Shock, you’ll get many tried-and-true tactics — ones I created, starting in 1998, when I kicked sugar on doctor’s orders and ones recommended by dozens of other health experts. You’ll also benefit from my 12 years of coaching or connecting with sugar addicts around the world.
Donna, the winner of the Name My Next Book Contest, please contact me so you can get:
* Your one hour of private, strategy session coaching with me
* Complimentary admission to my upcoming Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program, which begins Sept. 7, includes access to a private website ( and provides at least 42 audio messages. ($177 value but now priced at $97)
* An advance copy of Beyond Sugar Shock (of course).
* A special thank you post you on this Sugar Shock Blog
* A mention on the Acknowledgments page of Beyond Sugar Shock
* And my profound gratitude
Free Teleseminar on Tues., Aug. 31 at 8 pm Eastern to Everyone Who Submitted Ideas
As previously announced, everyone who submitted a title suggestion is now invited to a free, thank you teleseminar. It will be held Tuesday, Aug. 31 at 8 pm Eastern. During this call, you can get your questions answered, possibly get selected for laser coaching, get tips to break free and more.
Those who attend the call live also will have a chance to win:
* A half-hour laser coaching, strategy session with me. (Two winners will be picked.)
* Admission to the upcoming Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks program, which begins Sept. 7. (One winner will be selected.)
Again, thank you very much to those of you who participated in the recent Name My Next Book Contest. (
Now that I’m knee deep in working Beyond Sugar Shock, please tell me what would you like to see in my next book. What do you crave, need or desire?
Please share your thoughts here and on Facebook, in the Smart Habits Fans or in the new Beyond Sugar Shock & Smart Habits Community on The Blog Frog.
Again, thank you so much to the many wonderful people, who partcipated in the Name My Next Book Contest.
Stay tuned for details about the free teleseminar for all of you on Tues., Aug. 31.

Gratitude Lifts You Up

People often want to know: What’s the best way to overcome a sugar addiction, a bad mood or another challenging situation?
One of the best ways to get out of your funk is to begin with an attitude of gratitude.
Why should you be grateful?
Learn about the wonders of being thankful on my Gratitude Week radio shows.
During these five shows, you’ll hear from 21 experts, who shared insights on the miraculous powers of gratitude.
Listen now to Gratitude Week’s five shows with21 different experts.

Grateful to Bike!

Gratitude_ornament – from shiningsungardenworks I just came back from my first bicycle ride since slamming head first into glass (while running) on July 4. I’m so excited and grateful that I could get on my beloved bike again.
At the beginning of the week, I was struck by dizziness and ferocious headaches. Then, I held five episodes on my Gab with the Gurus Radio Show about gratitude with 21 amazing experts. Get details about the shows here.
Now, here I am at the end of the week able to work out again! Wow!
Granted I’m pooped out big time and my head is sort of throbbing and reeling and I need to lie down, but I suspect that being so focused on gratitude all week helped me to get better.
What do you think?
And have you ever relied on gratitude to get you out of pain or a mess?

Gratitude Week: Day 3: On Celebrities, Gratitude Lists & Grouchiness

Gratitude Week continued today with a fabulous program.
Our guests today offered compelling thoughts.
These were the guests today.
Gratitude Week, Day 3: On Celebrities, Gratitude Lists & Grouchiness
* Todd Aaron Jensen, an award-winning entertainment journalist, a Kundalini yoga instructor, youth baseball coach, father of six and author of the upcoming book, On Gratitude: 50 Celebrities on the Power of Giving Thanks (to be published Sept. 21, World Gratitude Day).
* Ciji Ware, a former KABC radio commentator, who has been keeping a “Gratitude List” for 2666 days (as of July 7). Jotting down 3 things a day for which she is grateful helped her turn her life around. Ciji is also author of the book, Rightsizing Your Life: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most.
* Sally Marks, author of the ebook, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within. She contends that lack of gratitude is probably the number one cause of grouchiness.
* Sue Lundquist, author of “I’m Thankful” and owner of the I’m Thankful™ Network, which is syndicated syndicated across the country.
Listen to Day 3 here or below:
Special thanks for today’s gratitude artwork, which comes from

Gratitude Week Begins Today on Gab with the Gurus

Today begins Gratitude Week on Gab with the Gurus. For the next five days, you can listen to five different shows featuring some 20 gurus telling you about the different benefits you receive from having a thankful state of mind.
For instance, during Gratitude Week’s five shows on Gab with the Gurus — which you can listen to live at 2 pm Eastern or later, at your convenience — you’ll discover:
– Why gratitude is the ultimate anti-depressant.
– How easy it is to make gratitude a daily habit.
– How gratitude can reverse the obesity epidemic.
– How gratitude can help you overcome addictions and food issues.
– What items are on the Gratitude Lists of such celebrities as Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton, BB King, Kurt Vonnegut, Elmore Leonard, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges, Francis Ford Coppola, Kristen Bell, Forest Whitaker, NBA great Steve Nash and Deepak Chopra.
* – How gratitude can enhance your happiness, optimism, self-empowerment and connectedness.
– How being grateful helps combat grouchiness, reduce stress and pain, trigger creativity, increase spirituality and resolve challenging situations by focusing on what’s working instead of what’s not.
– How love and relationships flourish where there’s gratitude and forgiveness.
– How to feel grateful even if you’re having a difficult day, month or year
– How to use gratitude to accomplish your goals.
– How gratitude can affirm your life’s purpose.
Gratitude Week was inspired by my scary July 4 head-on collision into glass. After my frightening experience, I’m overcome with a profound feeling of thankfulness that I’m alive and that I scraped by with only headaches, dizziness and minor cognitive confusion, which my doctor dubbed post-concussive syndrome (post concussion syndrome. I’m also grateful that my nasty bump on the head has inspired me and given me great ideas while I’m writing my next book, the follow-up to Sugar Shock, which will be published by Hay House.
Here is the full schedule for Gratitude Week below.
Monday, July 19: Gratitude Week: On Happiness, Forgiveness, Coping & Resolving Food Issues
* Dr. Philip Watkins, psychology professor at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington. Conducted research on how gratitude contributes to happiness, your ability to cope and be healthy.
* Dr. Philip Friedman, psychologist and director of the Foundation for Well-Being in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. Published three clinical research articles on gratitude and forgiveness as they relate to well-being and change over time using empirical measures (GQ6 and GRATS)
* Dr. Sharon Livingston, a psychologist who helps people with emotional eating problems and uses gratitude as an essential piece of healing this problem.
* Robert Mack, positive psychology expert and author, “Happiness From the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment” and a positive psychology expert.
Listen to Day 1 here:
Tuesday, July 20: Gratitude Week: On Optimism, Love, Empowerment & Getting “Enough”
* Dr. Stephen G. Post, director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics at Stony Brook University and author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People
* Dr. Diana Kirschner, psychologist and author Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love.
* Elizabeth “Lily” Hills, author of the new book, “A Feminine Manifesta,” which delves into how women have sabotaged themselves by being their own worst critics. It shares how the power of gratitude can transform your life, freeing you up to be the best of who you can be.
* Sue Lundquist, author of “I’m Thankful” and owner of the I’m Thankful™ Network, which is syndicated syndicated across the country.
* Erika Oliver, a Positive Approach Coach and author of “Three Good Things: Happiness Every Day, No Matter What!” and “Happy Crap: The Power of Positive Assumptions!”
* Corinne Gregory, President and Founder of SocialSmarts, a nationally-recognized program for teaching kids and adults positive social skills, character and values.
Listen to Day 2 here:
Wed., July 21: Gratitude Week: On Celebrities, Gratitude Lists & Grouchiness
* Todd Aaron Jensen, an award-winning entertainment journalist, a Kundalini yoga instructor, youth baseball coach, father of six and author of the upcoming book, On Gratitude: 50 Celebrities on the Power of Giving Thanks (to be published Sept. 21, World Gratitude Day).
* Ciji Ware, a former KABC radio commentator, who has been keeping a “Gratitude List” for 2666 days (as of July 7). Jotting down 3 things a day for which she is grateful helped her turn her life around. Ciji is also author of the book, Rightsizing Your Life: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matters Most.
* Sally Marks, author of the ebook, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within. She contends that lack of gratitude is probably the number one cause of grouchiness.
* Nora Firestone, journalist and founder of, a Web-based forum for posting (and discovering) stories of gratitude to “recognize, affirm and honor” the people who’ve made a difference in your life.
Listen to Day 3 here:
Thursday, July 22: Gratitude Week: On Optimism, Managing Stress, Getting in Balance & Being Spiritual
* Dr. Terry Paulson, a psychologist, professional speaker, columnist and author of the new book, “The Optimism Advantage.”
* Howard Martin, author of The Heart Math Solution and founding member of, which researches the heart-brain connection and develops science-based solutions to reduce stress and improve performance
* Dr. James Geiger, anesthesiologist, wellness expert and author of The Sweet Smell of Success.
* Mary Treacy O’Keefe, co-founder and president of Well Within in St. Paul, Minnesota. Uses gratitude for stress reduction and spiritual growth.
Listen to Day 4 here:
Friday, July 23: Gratitude Week: On Goal Setting, Creativity & Moving through Pain
* Cami Walker, author of the New York Times bestseller, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life and founder of, a site that encourages people to sign up for a free 29-day giving challenges. Became more grateful after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a month before getting married.
* Dr. Larry Iverson, clinical psychologist and author of Unleash Your Success.
* Rabbi Irwin Kula, author of the award-winning Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life and recipient of the 2008 Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award.
Listen to Day 5 here:
Here are the direct URLs for all five shows:
Day 1 – Monday, July 19 —
Day 2 – Tuesday, July 20 —
Day 3 – Wednesday, July 21 —
Day 4 – Thursday, July 22 —
Day 5 – Friday, July 23 —
Please note that you can subscribe to Gab with the Gurus on iTunes.
Get more details by reading the following press release about Gratitude Week on Gab with the Gurus.
Special thanks to for the photo on this post.