Are You Among the 85 % of People With Low Self-Esteem? It Can Lead to Weight Gain & More

Did you know that a whopping 85 % of people suffer from low self-esteem?
So, if you’re having challenges kicking your bad habits such as sugar addiction, you could be among the more than 85 percent of people, who lack high self-esteem.
In other words, MOST of us don’t have the high self-esteem we need to attract abundance, have rewarding relationships, be happy and achieve fulfillment.
Keep reading, because you’ll get 6 valuable tips below to boost your self-esteem from my friend, the bestselling author Dr. Joe Rubino, creator of the popular Self-Esteem System.
Just think about it.
Since 85 percent of us have “self-esteem deficit” — a phrase coined by Dr. Joe — that means you may:
•Be consumed by fear of failure
•Fail more often than not
•Tend to procrastinate
•Feel unfulfilled, frustrated, angry, unloved, unlovable, nervous or shy
•Be indecisive
•Suffer from many other uncomfortable feelings that prevent us from our realizing full potential
Diminished Self-Esteem isthe #1 cause of not living your dream life, according to Dr. Joe, who has coached thousands around the world to improve their self-esteem.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have self-esteem?
That means:
* You feel happy, valuable, fulfilled
* You feel worthy of many good things life can offer you
* You can easily cope with life’s challenges
* You are productive, and you have personal power
* You feel accepted by others, who consider you worthy of their attention and affection
Because there’s an 85% chance that you, too, experience these unpleasant feelings of low self-esteem every now and then, Dr. Joe was kind enough to share with you 6 tips to raise your self-esteem. (You can get more pointers here.)
1. Identify the source of your low self-esteem. What negative thoughts did you buy into or interpret about yourself? What new interpretations can you create?
2. Create 2 lists — one of your negative qualities and another of your strengths. Figure out ways to work on the qualities you wish to manifest.
3. Identify lingering upsets from your past. Then take action to complete each one and move on with your life in a positive, productive manner.
4. Decide today to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you. Figure out how to resolve your strained relationships.
5. Decide to remove yourself from abusive relationships. Inform people in your life of your commitment to reinvent yourself and notify them that you will no longer permit others to treat you without respect.
6. Create a detailed, newly invented declaration about who you are that addresses every aspect of your self-image.
Dr. Joe can help you more with his popular, life-changing Self-Esteem System, which has helped thousands of people around the world.
You also can learn more about his Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life.
Just like I seek to help you (and others like you to) Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction, Joe strives to help you:
•Heal your painful past
•Carefully assess your current state of affairs
•Uncover the source of your diminished Self-Esteem
•Find out the #1 Secret to regaining Total Self-Esteem
•Create a vision of a life with No Regrets
•And much more.
By now, I hope you realize how important healthy self-esteem is for you to get the life you deserve and to realize your full potential for happiness, fulfillment and success.
I invite you to look at Dr. Joe’s book and Self-Esteem System, which can help to make a tremendous impact on your life. (When you check it out, Dr. Joe is giving you a free audio, “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem,” and free Success Club Membership (a $129 value).
Please do NOT get upset when you realize that you could be among the 85% majority who suffer from diminished self-esteem. Dr. Joe’s program can quickly give you a solid, easy-to-implement formula to quickly become happier, healthier, stronger and more confident and so you can achieve your goals and dreams.
By the way, as a compensated affiliate, a percentage of sales will go to help people around the world break free of bad habits, achieve their goals and boost their happiness and success. But please know that I only partner with people, who I believe offer great services that can enhance the quality of your life. So I invite you to learn more about Dr. Joe’s Self-Esteem System now.
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Madama Butterfly: Free Performance With Happy, Healthy, Dreamers Meetup

If you’re doing a “staycation” (stay-at-home vacation) in New York this Labor Day weekend, come Monday night with a goup of us (as part of my newly revamped Meetup group, “Happy, Healthy Dreamers & Doers in the City”) as we attend the final free performance of the Metropolitan Opera’s Summer HD Festival.
At no cost to you, you’ll catch see a staging of the glorious Madama Butterfly, which is sure to be an absolutely glorious experience, as was last night’s Barber of Seville.
Here are brief details about Monday’s opera/film:
Academy Award-winning film director Anthony Minghella’s production of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly stars Patricia Racette as Cio-Cio-San, Marcello Giordani as Pinkerton, Dwayne Croft as Sharpless, and Maria Zifchak as Suzuki. Patrick Summers conducts. Approximate running time: 145 minutes
See the brief announcement on YouTube about the opening night of this opera.
Get details on how and where to meet at the Happy, Healthy Dreamers & Doers in the City Meetup site.
FYI, I’m in the city this weekend doing final homework assignments to conclude my superb life coach training from iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). (If you want to become a life coach, I heartily recommend iPEC. If you’re interested, feel free to ask me about this program, and make sure to say Connie referred you when you call them.)
Save the dates for other exciting events:
* You’re invited to join me on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 3 pm on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show, when I interview renowned sugar expert Nancy Appleton, who’s just come out with a new book, Suicide by Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction. This is sure to be an eye-opening show. In case you’re wondering why I’m promoting another sugar book, it’s because I believe that we all have something great to offer. Also, Nancy is one of my mentors, and she was incredibly generous to me while I was researching and writing my book SUGAR SHOCK!
* You’re also encouraged to join me Thursday, Sept. 10 when I discuss “Breaking Free of Your Sugar Habit” at a free Open House at the New York Open Center’s new offices. I’ll be one of 8 speakers that night. Learn here about the schedule.

New Yorkers: Join My Happy, Healthy Dreamers & Doers in the City Meetup

If you live near New York, you’re invited to join my Happy, Healthy Dreamers & Doers in the City meetup group.
Join us tomorrow night, Wednesday, and Monday night, when we will attend the free Met HD Festival
On Wednesday, we will watch and listen to the Barber of Seville and on Monday, we’ll catch Madame Butterfly.
In addition, on Monday, a group of us will bicycle in Central Park.
Click here to check out
The Happy, Healthy Dreamers & Doers in the City!
This group is an offshoot of my earlier group, Happy, Healthy Diners, Dreamers & Doers in the City, which was shut down by mistake.
As mentioned earlier, the previous meetup was shut down by mistake. I would like to especially thank Meetup for being generous and helpful after the first group was inadvertently closed. In particular, I’d like to express my gratitude to community manager Antonio Ortiz for his assistance in starting the new group.
This is a week of exciting new programs.
* Learn about my new Break Free Group Coaching here, which is reasonably priced to help you — plus you can bring a friend of free.
* Join the new, free Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Social Network.

Apologies to Happy, Healthy Diners, Dreamers & Doers in the City™: Shut Down My Group, Much to My Surprise

Members of my Happy, Healthy Diners, Dreamers & Doers in the City™ group on Meetup, I apologize profusely!
Unfortunately, much to my surprise, the Happy, Healthy Diners group was completely shut down.
I was completely shocked!
Frankly, I’m at a loss as to what to do, because I have no way of contacting the near-200 members in the New York City area to let them know about our planned September dinner.
Not only was the Happy, Healthy Diners group closed, but all members were removed, and a Meetup staffer has told me that there’s no way of finding them.
Right now, I’ve chosen to take the high road and not gripe in detail, but suffice it to to say that I’m very upset, because I received no advance warning. (The one warning that I did finally find after combing through all my emails was sent on Sunday, but since I was in my life-coach training all day Sunday, I never saw that email after the group was closed.)
At present, I’m uncertain as to what I will do regarding using Meetup again.
Thank you, as always, for your continued support. I do hope that you continue to be helped, educated and inspired by this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog, the Gab With the Gurus Blog, the new Smart Habits Blog and my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show.
What are your thoughts about Meetup?