“Yummiloo” Funded — A Food-Adventure TV Show for Kids is in the Works

Donate Now to Bring Quality TV to Children Nationwide
An Invitation to Health Colleagues, Concerned Parents, Chefs & Healthy Eaters & Anyone Who Enjoys Eating Well:
Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if millions of preschool-aged-children across the U.S. could watch a clever, creative TV show, which encouraged them to eat healthy foods?
The time is finally here!
This is your chance to make a BIG difference.
“Yummiloo,” an animated food-adventure TV show for preschoolers, is in the works.
Based on the award-winning app, “Rainbow Power,” the TV show, “Yummiloo,” focuses on eating well.
But the television show’s creators—award-winning, highly acclaimed TV and film veterans—need our financial support now to fund their pilot.
You need to ACT FAST though.
“Yummiloo’s” Kickstarter campaign ends June 9 at 5 pm PST.
In a hurry? Donate now to this valuable “Yummiloo” TV project at:
So what’s “Yummiloo” about?
Just imagine if Willy Wonka’s Land of Pure Imagination were filled with irresistible characters, who enjoy healthy food instead of candy!
“Yummiloo” is home to the Yum Yums, adorable elfin creatures, whose younger generation—led by best friends Rooty and Red—embark on amazing adventures, where they explore and learn.
Even better, “Yummiloo” sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.
Plus, “Yummiloo” makes food FUN.
Now learn about the creators of “Yummiloo,” who are, as they say, “the real deal.” Meet:
Traci Paige Johnson, co-creator of the blockbuster franchise, “Blue’s Clues,” Nickelodeon’s acclaimed children’s franchise ($1bn merchandising business);
Caroline Baron, Oscar-nominated film producer (“Capote,” “Monsoon Wedding”) and associate producer of the original TV hit series, “The Wonder Years”;
Anthony Weintraub, feature film writer, director, producer and content creator.
Bob Mowen, director, cinematographer, and visual effects creator for commercials, broadcast design and film.
They’re also parents and principals of Yummico, which is dedicated to creating quality children’s TV.
Learn about the other creators here.
Please join me now to support “Yummiloo.”
By the way, if you act fast and donate at least $5,000, you can have a TV character named after you.
Make your donation now to create “Yummiloo.”.
You can show mainstream media, who have been slow to back this exciting children’s TV show.
Join me now in “Yummiloo,” bringing quality TV to kids nationwide.
Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC
Sweet Freedom Guide, Healthy Eating Advocate, and Author, Sugar Shock (Berkley Books), Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House), and Crush Your Crazy Cravings (upcoming)
P.S. If you hurry and donate $5,000, you can have a cute TV character named after you.
Make your donation now to “Yummiloo’s” Kickstarter campaign.
Food for Conversation: Why are you donating to “Yummiloo”?
P.P.S. Please spread the word about the “Yummiloo” campaign.

Contribute to Yummiloo, a Fun, Imaginative Children’s TV Show from Veteran Film/TV Creators Traci Paige Johnson (“Blue’s Clues”) and Caroline Baron

If you’re a parent, you probably get frustrated by the deluge of advertising for unhealthy foods and the dearth of quality TV shows, which promote healthy eating.
It’s time to get excited, you conscious, conscientious, health-oriented parents.
Yummiloo, a fun and healthy-eating promoting TV show from veteran TV and film directors/producers Traci Paige Johnson and Caroline Baron, is in the works.
With your help through Kickstarter, your children, your relatives’ kids or your loved one’s youngsters will be able to watch a food adventure animated TV show that will expose preschoolers to healthy eating through irresistible characters, stories and games.
Pretty cool, right? Help make this awesome children’s TV show show a reality. .
I invite you now to contribute to the KickStarter campaign for Yummiloo before the June 9 deadline.
Now, learn more about Yummiloo below.
YummilooWideImagine if Willy Wonka’s Land of Pure Imagination were filled with healthy food instead of candy. Imagine no more!
Traci Paige Johnson, co-creator of the blockbuster franchise Blue’s Clues and the force behind Super Why, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Creative Galaxy has created that land for preschoolers everywhere.
IMeet Yummiloo, a food adventure animated TV show that’s designed to expose preschoolers to healthy eating through irresistible characters, stories and games.
After working for 10 years to create the Blue’s Clues brand, Traci took time off to raise her three children.
She quickly realized that one of her greatest parenting challenges was to teach her kids how to eat and live healthfully.
Childhood obesity was on the rise as was the flow of ads and marketing tactics targeted at kids by companies selling unhealthy food products.
Recognizing the lack of healthy lifestyle messaging in kids media and that media matters, Traci knew what her next project would be.
Enter Caroline Baron, Oscar nominated feature film producer (“Capote,” “Monsoon Wedding”), visionary changemaker (FilmAid) and mother of two.
The two talented women and concerned parents, Traci and Caroline, joined forces to form yummico, a company dedicated to creating multiplatform entertainment for kids and “delicious media” while educating kids on how to make healthy choices.
First, the talented duo began to address the food crisis facing our children today, creating a game app to meet kids where they are today: on their tablets and screens.
Premiering on the iOS platform in 2013, yummico’s Yummiloo Rainbow Power app used entertaining stories and characters as a vehicle to teach preschoolers healthy eating.
A ‘Featured App’ on Apple for nine straight weeks, the Yummilo Rainbow Power app went on to win numerous awards and garnered over 120,000 downloads.
Based the success of the app, they knew that their next project would be to bring the adorable Yum Yums and their message to television.
The premise is simple. Most of us know how strong an impact media makes on our kids. We also know about how obesity is such a problem. And we know that the pervasive marketing of unhealthy foods has had an adverse effect on obesity prevention.
But wouldn’t creating a TV show that celebrates and informs healthy eating habits — eating whole foods, and foods low in saturated fats and trans-fatty acids — tilt the bar the other way?
Just as Blue’s Clue’s revolutionized children’s educational media by engaging kids in virtual conversation, Yummiloo will teach kids that healthy food can be delicious and fun.
This show — which you can help get off the ground now with your Kickstarter contribution — will flip the script on the current advertising strategies, which have made the junk food industry the unofficial poster children for the obesity crisis.
Instead, Yummiloo will always engage kids first as adventure storytelling – with exciting, delicious food as the ever-present backdrop.
As you may already know, a recent Interim World Health Organization Study on Obesity supports this strategy, suggesting that “new scientific evidence highlights the need for a multifaceted approach to the problem, including a focus on the life-course dimension”…which include “reducing the exposure of children to marketing of unhealthy foods and the appropriate marketing of healthy foods in order to achieve the goals of healthier eating norms and behaviours.”
The WHO study also suggests that getting to kids at a young age is the most effective way to change the paradigm. Indeed, “life-course studies suggest that interventions in early life, when biology is most ‘plastic’ and amenable to change, are likely to have the greatest positive sustained effects on health, particularly because they may influence responses to later challenges.”
Join me in helping to get kids excited about eating real food!
To fund the pilot, a Yummiloo Kickstarter campaign was recently launched. The project was immediately given Kickstarter recognition and made a Kickstarter Staff Pick, designated New and Noteworthy, and after a few days, deemed Popular.
As Kickstarter is an all or nothing model, the goal of $72,000 must be met by the time the campaign ends, Tuesday, June 9th at 8 pm EST.
Please join me and make your contribution now to the important Yummiloo Kickstarter campaign.
Please spread the word!
And join these other sites:
Yummico – http://www.yummico.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/getyummico
Twitter: www.twitter.com/getyummico
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/yummico
Donate now to the Kickstarter campaign here.
Please join me in spreading the word about this valuable upcoming TV show and in contributing to make it hit your TV.
Remember, you need to act before June 9.
Now tell your friends and relatives and post notices on Facebook or Twitter buddies.

Are You a Mosquito Magnet? The Surprising Secret to Stop Them from Biting You

Are you one of those people, who tend to attract mosquitos, who bite you often?
I urge you to read this post to discover how to eat to keep the mosquitoes away.
Mosquito-vector-graphicsFor years, every summer, mostly beginning on 4th of July weekend, I used to be a major magnet for mosquitoes.
Lately, come to think of it, those biting critters have been leaving me alone.
But it wasn’t until this morning, when I received a fascinating email from the empowering Dr. Sara Gottfried that I realized why those annoying mosquitoes have been letting me be in peace.
Dr. Gottfried, as you may already know is a wife, mother of two girls (ages 8 and 13), friend, scholar, seeker, yoga teacher, Harvard-trained MD with 20+ years of experience, and author of the amazing New York Times bestselling book,The Hormone Cure:The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep and Sex Drive; Lose Weight; Feel Focused, Vital, and Energized Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol.
Anyhow, Dr. Gottfried — who’s s enjoying the holiday week in in rural Idaho at a ranch with her family, doing horseback riding, river rafting, hiking, and fishing — is happy to find that she’s “rarely getting bitten by mosquitoes.”
Guess why both Dr. Gottfried and I are being left along by the mosquitoes?
As Dr. Gottfried points out, her friend Alan Christianson told her recently, mosquitoes pick their subjects based on several things, including the level of ketones in your blood and sweat.
In other words, if you’re eating lots of sweets or refined carbohydrates — or what I call quickie carbs — those mosquitoes will like us.
But, on the other hand, as Dr. Gottfried explains, when “you restrict carbohydrates past a certain threshold (usually 25 to 100 grams of carbs per day, but this varies person to person), you produce more ketones and your body odor smells less fruity.”
In other words, as Dr. Gottfried concludes: “Ketones repel mosquitoes”” Not only that, but they may be Nature’s best mosquito repellent.”
That led Dr. Gottfried to restrict her carbs to see if thatt kept the mosquitoes from swarming. Sure enough, it worked.
A hah!
Lately, I, too, have been restricting carbs — not to repel mosquitos, but to shed the remaining pounds I’d gained after my mother passed away. (More about that later.)
Now, we all have one more reason to stay away from those compelling carbs — the mosquitoes won’t like us!
Thanks to Dr. Sara Gottfried for the heads up on this fascinating simple mosquito repellant!
FYI, here are some other ideas to be unappealing to bugs.
You also can increase your garlic intake to keep the bugs at bay.
You can eat other foods, especially one of my favorites, apple cider vinegar, which also help you repel mosquitoes.
You can douse on — or burn a candle — of citronella, which also keeps the bugs away.
Join the conversation. What have you done to keep the bugs away? Talk to us. We’d love to hear your experiences.
Special thanks to Vector Graphics for this fabulous artwork. If I’m supposed to pay, please forgive me, but I didn’t see any requirements to do so. http://www.vectors4all.net/preview/mosquito-vector-graphics.jpg

Healthy Vending Machines on the Rise

Note from Connie: Today, the Sugar Shock Blog presents a guest post from fellow writer/health coach/IIN grad Suzanne Boothby about new vending machines that healthier foods than you usually find. Full Disclosure: Suzanne is a spokesperson for HUMAN Healthy Vending, the company about which she is writing. In this instance, HUMAN stands for Helping Unite Man and Nutrition.
Human_machine_jofemar Snacking Made Easy & Healthier
By Suzanne Boothby
There’s been a lot of buzz recently about school nutrition and, in particular, the problem with junk-filled vending machines in schools.
“Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years,” writes Dr. Oz Garcia in The Huffington Post. “Statistics show that nearly one in three American children are either overweight or obese.”
Dr. Garcia points out that while parents play the most important role in teaching children healthy habits, the U.S. school system plays a very central part in developing a child’s eating habits.
Another article on BusinessWeek, “School Vending Machines Undermine Student Nutrition,” referenced a report from the Journal of Adolescent Health, showing the negative impact vending machine foods had on the purchasing choices of students at about 150 different U.S. schools.
More than 80% of the schools studied carried vending machines offering foods with minimal nutritional value, including chips, soda and candy bars.
Enter Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen, co-founders of HUMAN Healthy Vending machines, which offer healthier fare in the 30-billion vending machine industry.
HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines offer foods that cater to various dietary needs, including those that look for foods that are 100% organic, no-sugar-added, gluten-free, allergen-free, low-fat and carb.
Some of the vending machine’s bestselling snacks include PopChips!, TERRA Chips, Larabars, and BARE FRUIT snacks. Drinks include Fiji water, Poland Spring water, Perrier, Horizon Organic Milk and Vita Coco water.
The new digitally interactive, eco-friendly Healthy Vending machines have some unique features. They display all ingredients via LCD before you purchase it. What this means is that you can select a product from a touch screen keypad, and then before you make your purchase, the machine shows you the nutritional info on that same touch-screen. Therefore, you don’t have to lose change by buying snacks that don’t work for your particular diet.
In addition to providing healthier choices, HUMAN Healthy Vending machines include an eco-component with remote monitoring systems to ensure eco-friendly refilling. Plus, they contain LED lighting and energy-efficient refrigeration units to save power. In addition, the company donates 10% of proceeds to charitable causes that fight childhood obesity and malnutrition.
You can find these HUMAN Healthy Vending machines in schools, offices, hotels and hospitals, as well as health clubs, gyms and spas. In New York City, you can find these machines at the Aveda New York Institute, Mt. Sinai Medical Center and in the new offshoot of Equinox, Blink.
Suzanne Boothby is currently a spokesperson for HUMAN Healthy Vending, as wells as a Brooklyn-based wellness author and writing coach who dabbles in social media and marketing. She is a proud graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Note from Connie: What a welcome development! These machines do seem to contain something for everyone. Please note, however, that while these snacks are far healthier than what you find in traditional vending machines, not all of these foods are healthy by everyone’s standards. So just follow your doctor’s guidelines and eat what works for you. By the way, I’m thrilled with the feature that you can save yourself time and money by being able to check out the ingredients first via LCD screen. What a unique, cutting-edge feature!