Fun on The Ageless Sisters Show

What fun!
The Ageless Sisters Cynthia Rowland Jackie Silver are so charming, dynamic, and entertaining. Not only that, but aren’t they gorgeous and ageless, as their show attests?
Anyhow, I just had the pleasure of being on their show.
What a pleasure that they chose to interview me! This was a momentous occasion, because this was the first time I’ve discussed my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock.
Enjoy our show here(below), at your convenience.
But first, learn more about the show here.

The Ageless Sisters Cynthia Rowland & Jackie Silver Interview Me

Today, the dynamic Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver will interview me at 10 am Pacific on their Ageless Sisters show on BlogTalkRadio.
Cyn and JackiegI_0_jackieandcyn1Welcome fans of The Ageless Sisters! Keep reading, because you can learn below how to get a free gift from me.
When The Ageless Sisters interview me, I’ll share some sad information about sugar addiction and juicy information about how you can begin to break free from this devastating problem, which can lead to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and an early death.
The Ageless Sisters are two amazing women, who are both beauty and anti-aging experts.
Cynthia Rowland is the creator of the highly successful Facial Magic facial exercise program and Luscious Lips lip pump, which have been featured in the national media, including Rachael Ray, The Doctors, The Today Show, The View and more.
Meanwhile, Jackie Silver is the founder and president of She is also author of Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young, the anti-aging expert on the syndicated television show, Daytime, and weekly columnist for The Tampa Tribune. Both are sought-after speakers and guests for TV, radio and conferences.
The Ageless Sisters show is designed to to bring health and beauty experts into conversation so that their listeners get the latest and greatest, most up-to-date info about products and services available.
People who listen live to this Ageless Sisters show will have a chance to win a copy of Beyond Sugar Shock.
In addition, listeners (who tune in live or later) will get an opportunity to win admission for one to my Sugar Freedom Now Program (The Companion Course to Beyond Sugar Shock). Fans of this show also have a unique opportunity to win a special, one-time-only, $100 discount to the course.
Listeners to The Ageless Sisters show also can get a special gift from me.
You’re invited to attend my free program tonight at 5 pm PDT, “7 Secrets to Calm Your Sweet Tooth.”
Sign up now.

Look Younger With Ageless Sisters Cynthia Rowland & Jackie Silver

What a fabulous program with the Ageless Sisters Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver last night.
These two youthful, beautiful, dynamic women told you How to Look Younger Naturally, Starting this holiday season.
Jackie and Cynthia gave you secrets on how to turn back the clock by about a decade. (You read right!)
This is part of the Sweeter Holiday Summit, which presents 35+ experts through Dec. 14 so that you can thrive, not just survive, this holiday season.
Just sign up now so you can listen for FREE for 48 hours to this fascinating program with the Ageless Sisters.
Here are some fascinating takeaway points from my conversation with Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver:
When you listen to this program, you will:
* Discover one simple activity that will peel years off and make you youthful.
* Find out how to get a non-surgical eyelift without having to spend $3,500 to go under the knife.
* Get the scoop on how botox may be far more dangerous than you realize.
* Learn how to tighten and tone your annoying jowl (the saggy flesh that often droops at the lower mouth) without having to go under the knife.
* Discover the many virtues of one versatile vegetable, that does triple duty in the world of beauty.
* Find out about one of nature’s best-kept secrets, which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. (It smells and tastes good, too.)
* Discover how to enjoy something sweet and delicious that almost tastes like candy but isn’t.
* Get a powerful affirmation that you can use every day.
* Learn one simple thing to do every night that’s very important.
* Find out about two fool-proof things you can to do to look great.
Go here to find out about Luscious Lips and Facial Magic.
You want to keep a lookout on these two remarkable women. And congratulations to Jackie for being quoted in today’s New York Daily News story, during which she was interviewed along with Heidi Klum.
Go here to sign up for this exciting Sweeter Holiday Summit — which features 35+ experts.
Special thanks to Tanya Lily-Reid for help with this blog post.

Cruise Through The Holidays with FlyLady (Marla Cilley)

Flylady_toon Wow! What a fabulous program with FlyLady (Marla Cilley) earlier this week as part of the Sweeter Holiday Summit.
She brought her southern charm and humor to help us all get organized and “cruise” through the holidays—and beyond.
In this fabulous program, Marla talked about her own battle with her annual New Year’s Resolutions—which always failed—to get organized until she realized the battle was not with organization but with herself and her drive for perfection. And that theme—perfection—is something so many of us struggle with not just during the holidays but all year long.
Here are just a few of the highlights from our Sweeter Holiday Summit program:
* Discover how to “Crisis Clean” (cleaning with a purpose).
* Get the scoop on the importance of having a workable schedule to prevent overload.
* Find out which day FlyLady says is “Plan and Play Day” and why.
* Learn which day is “Anti-Procrastination Day” (and don’t we all need that).
* Find out what “Hit a lick at a snake” means!
To listen to the replay of this program until Sunday at 12 pm NOON, sign up at
When you sign up, you’ll also get a chance to listen to the fabulous programs with “The Ageless Sisters” Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver, self-esteem expert Dr. Joe Rubino and mind/body expert Mark Patrick, who will talk about how to keep those holiday pounds at bay.
Sign up now for your free pass to all these great speakers and the rest of the gurus over the coming weeks at
Special thanks to Tanya Lily-Reid for help with this post.

Get Secrets to Turn Back the Clock with “The Ageless Sisters” Cynthia Rowland & Jackie Silver

Today, I has the pleasure of interviewing two glamorous, charismatic, dynamic, selfless women on my Gab with the Gurus Radio Show.
It was such a pleasure to to chat with my friends Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver, two amazing ladies, who are known as “The Ageless Sisters” — also the name of their radio show on Blog Talk Radio (which is where I host my show, too).
Cynthia and Jackie will tell you how to:
* Discover many secrets so you, too, can become “ageless.”
* Become aware of why you do NOT have to look older as the years go by and how you can defy your “genetics.”
* Get the scoop on how you can look younger and get better results without getting a face lift or botox.
* Learn about the dangers of facelifts. (You may want to visit
* Find out about a remarkable, non-surgical, anti-aging solution.
* Discover why don’t want to stick a needle in your face to get botox treatments.
* Learn how to tasty treats that taste like dessert but aren’t.
* Find out how to get fuller, plumper, kissable lips naturally.
* Discover how to trick yourself into working out. (Hint: It’s very fun!)
* Learn about what they put in collagen that’s used to plump your lips. (You’ll be shocked.)
* Get hip on which oil is the most beneficial to help you age you backwards. (You’ll even find out about a hot resource.)
* Find out what you should wear less of. (Don’t worry – this is a family friendly show.)
* Get ideas on what you can do for only 6 minutes that will help you age backwards.
* Get the scoop on two east activities that will enlarge the gray matter in your brain.
* Learn what most doctors do when you visit them for cosmetic surgery consultations.
* What to avoid late at night.
* Be instructed on one exercise that will lift your eyebrows. (It’s easy!)
* Find out one big reason why Jackie looks younger now at 50 than she did at 22.
* Discover how you can learn more from “The Ageless Sisters.”
My guests have impressive backgrounds.
Cynthia Rowland has discovered “The Facial Fountain of Youth,” which she now shares in her Facial Magic system, a program that helps men and women look 10 to 15 years younger simply by doing European spa exercises that help tone, tighten and lift facial muscles without cosmetic surgery, injections or electro-stimulation.
She is also author of The Magic of Facial Exercise, and she is a sought-after speaker and media guest, who has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, including “National Enquirer TV,” Barbara Walters’ “The View,” “The Crook and Chase Show,” “The Donny & Marie Show” and “KTLA Morning News.” Her Facial Magic program and Luscious Lips pump have been featured on “The Rachael Ray Show” and “The Doctors.”
In addition, Facial Magic and Luscious Lips are recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and dentists. Two of her biggest advocates are Mark Berman, M.D., past president of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons and Carolyn Doherty, M.D., who both laud Cynthia for her innovative work. Learn more about Cynthia here.
Jackiesilver Meanwhile, Jackie Silver is known for her being the master in Aging Backwards. In fact, she shares her secrets, tips and shortcuts in her book, Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young .
She is the anti-aging expert on the syndicated television show, Daytime. In addition to being one half of The Ageless Sisters radio show, a weekly columnist with The Tampa Tribune, contributor to Total Health Breakthroughs, and many other Web sites.
She is a sought-after anti-aging and beauty expert by the media and as a speaker and coach, who combines her natural reporter’s curiosity with her desire to help others look and feel young. Learn more about her here.
Listen now to the Gab with the Gurus Radio Show with Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver.
To tell your friends and loved ones about this exciting show, send them to:

Vote for Talented Colleagues to Host Oprah’s New TV Show & Single Ladies, Get Engaged Soon

Welcome to your weekly Motivating Morsels Ezine, where you get entertained, educated and motivated.
^ (1) Vote for My Talented Colleagues Betsy Rosenberg, Donna Sonkin & Andrea Beaman in Oprah’s Host-Your-Own-TV-Show Contest on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)
^ (2) Why You Can’t Find My Video for the Your OWN Show Competition (Yes, I’d Love My OWN TV Show, But…)
^ (3) Is Your Summer Intention to Find Love? My Friend Lauren Frances Wants to Help You Single Ladies Become Engaged by New Year’s
^ (4) Please Vote for the Name of My Next Book – The Follow-Up to Sugar Shock – Everyone Who Enters Competition Gets A Gift
^ (5) Struggling with Your Relationship to Food? Connie Recommends: Geneen Roth’s “Women, Food and God”
^ (6) I’m Biking for Charity: Would You Donate, Please, to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society? (My Team In Training (TNT) Bike Ride)
^ (1) Vote for My Talented Colleagues Betsy Rosenberg, Donna Sonkin
& Andrea Beaman in Oprah’s Host-Your-Own-TV-Show Contest on
OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)
Oprah_beta You may have heard that Oprah and TV producer Mark Burnett have been inviting people from around the country to apply for the Your OWN Show video competition.
(Just in case you don’t know, Burnett has received accolades for introducing competition-based reality TV show to the United States. (He’s the one behind “Survivor” and “The Apprentice.”)
Anyhow, Oprah and Mark are looking for the next great TV talk show host to appear on Oprah’s new network, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).
Betsy Rosenberg Many talented people have applied, but in particular, I invite you to immediately check out the videos submitted by my talented colleagues/friends Betsy Rosenberg, Donna Sonkin and Andrea Beaman.
Then vote for them if you like what they submitted.
(I’m sure you’ll love what they did!)
Please watch their short videos now – and then cast your vote.
First, I urge you to watch Betsy Rosenberg. She’s truly amazing. She’s like the Eco Queen — in other words, she was a pioneer in the go-green movement, who was talking about recycling when many of us didn’t know what it was. (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit.) Betsy has an amazing background, too.
Please watch Betsy’s video now and vote for her:
Donna_sonkin Donna Sonkin — she’s a talented, funny, charming friend from IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). It’s been wonderful to watch her collect a following for her fabulous work to help women get Thin for the Camera.
Watch Donna’s video and then vote for her:
And then I urge to see another wonderful woman in action.
Andrea_Beaman Please view the video from Andrea Beaman, who I met because she taught at IIN. You may recognize Andrea from her “Top Chef” appearances. She’s personable, funny and dynamic, too.
Here’s Andrea’s video. Make sure to vote now for her, too.
To learn more about this exciting completion, browse for videos here:
^ (2) Why You Can’t Find My Video for the Your OWN Show
Competition (Yes, I’d Love My OWN TV Show, But…)
Many of you have asked me whether or not I applied for Oprah’s competition and where you could find my video. You can’t find my video, because I never submitted one. Let me tell you why.
First of all, I gave this very serious consideration. I even developed a fascinating concept for my own TV show. (In fact, I’m really excited about my idea for a show, which I’ve never seen anywhere.)
But after reviewing the guidelines for the Your OWN Show Video Competition, I realized – regretfully – that I just could not apply right now.
Hay House images Here’s why: As I announced here last week, I just got a deal for my next book from Hay House, the leader in self-help and transformational publishing.
I’m very excited, honored and committed to writing the best book that can help, I hope, millions of people, break free of their sugar addiction for good.
Amazon Sug Sh 51RDZ7DBVAL._SL110_ As I studied the submission guidelines, I realized that if I had been fortunate enough to be selected as a finalist that I just wouldn’t have had ample time to commit to it. (You need to be able to leave town to compete for 6 weeks.)
In addition, another guideline gave me pause. It said that if you have another contractual obligation that may interfere, you should not apply. That was the line that ultimately stopped me from applying. (I’m days away from signing my contract with Hay House, and I’ll be in writing mode as the contest cranks up.)
Anyhow, I’m not about to jeopardize my book deal with Hay House. Work wise, that must be my priority. And I’m having a blast so far writing it.
So, even though I’d very much like my own TV show on OWN (or elsewhere), the time isn’t right.
But I’m still hanging onto my idea, because it would make for a great TV show. And my intention is to make it happen – but not while I’m on book deadlines.
Right now, I need to finish researching and writing my book. Speaking of which, would you please help me name my new book?
Learn more now
==== >>>>
^ (3) Is Your Summer Intention to Find Love? My Friend Lauren
Frances Wants to Help You Single Ladies Become Engaged by New Year’s Eve
Lauren frances007 With summer here, it’s time get clear on your intentions. For those of you females who are seeking the love of your life, I recommend that you pay attention. (For the rest of you, please skip to the next item, in which I encourage you to vote for the title of my next book.)
If you’re a single lady, my friend Lauren Frances wants to help you. She wants to turn you into a “Dating Lovebird.”
Actually, if you’re a single lady who wants to be married, Lauren – a renowned celebrity love coach, who has been praised by actresses Amy Brenneman and Kate Walsh – wants to help you become engaged by New Year’s Eve.
Kate_walsh9 In fact, Lauren claims that in 6 short weeks, she’ll teach you to turn casual courtships into serious commitments.
You’ll learn her breakthrough ‘man-manifesting’ process and healthy manhandling techniques (i.e. relationship skills) to which successful men RESPOND.
You can jump into this course whether you’re actively dating or not, or really want to be!
“Dating Lovebirds,” Lauren says, will show you how to go from flirting to seriously dating, and how to do partnership potential tests so you’ll stop wasting your time on what she calls “the 70% suitors.” (You know, the guys who ultimately waste your time because they’re not really the right guy?)
To learn about Lauren’s program so you can (according to her) get engaged by New Year’s Eve, go here:
==== >>>>
Lauren’s claim that she can help you get engaged by New Year’s Eve may seem far fetched, but just listen to one of her clients:
“Lauren, Thank you! Thank you! Your coaching got me from a first date to my honeymoon in just 3 months. Literally, we left for our Bermuda honeymoon on 5/27/10, which was three months to the day of our first date. Many thanks to you for the great velocity with which I was able to classify my NEEDS vs WANTS and recognize the man of my dreams the minute I met him. Love Linda”
(Linda didn’t want her full name used, because her new husband is the head of a Fortune 500 company and doesn’t know she has a love coach. Her story is so powerful because Linda is in her early 50’s, had never been married before. She wasn’t dating much for years before Lauren helped her. While her betrothal might seem super fast, her romantic results are not unusual, or even the exception, for Lauren’s students. Lauren believes that once you get the right information under your garter belt, and know the right actions to take to make your romantic dreams a loving reality, you’ll have your very own lovebird, too.)
Single and eager to learn more now?
Go here:
==== >>>>
Here’s some of what you’ll learn in Lauren’s course:
* How to spot ‘buying signs’ that he’s serious about dating you.
* Relationship Negotiation Skills to go from dating to commitment.
* How to rate his ‘Courtship Performance.’
* How long to give your dates a ‘chance’ when you’re not sure if there’s chemistry, or connection.
* How to spot when men are seriously pursuing the relationship.
* How to not get boxed in by one suitor until you’re SURE about him.
* How to inspire men to commit to you and your relationship goals.
* How to put men in a pecking order without ruffling their feathers
* How to tell when men are in ‘buying mode’ with you romantically, and falling in love with you.
* How to keep your freedom to keep shopping for The One when you’re just having fun
* How to turn a serious dating relationship into a serious commitment.
* How to tell if he’s a player who will only disappoint you down the road.
* How to stay committed to your romantic roadmap and MANifest it.
Please note that I’m an affiliate of Lauren’s – which means that if you sign up, I get compensated. FYI, I only recommend something unless I know it works. And in this case, I just had to become an affiliate after hearing about the success she’s had with clients.
==== >>>>
^ (4) Please Vote for the Name of My Next Book – The
Follow-Up to Sugar Shock – Everyone Who Enters Competition
Gets A Gift
As I just pointed out, my next book is in the works.
It’s a follow-up to my first book, Sugar Shock, and it features a simple, compassionate, step-by-step plan to help you break free of sugar for good.
You’ll even have fun following the advice.
But I’d like your help.
Right now, Sugar Shock’s successor doesn’t have a title yet.
So I decided to hold a Name My Next Book Competition.
Then my fabulous editor and I can pick the title that work best.
Already, I’ve received some great ideas, but I’d love to get many more.
Please learn more about the Name My Next Book Competition, and then submit your vote here:
==== >>>>
And spread the word to your creative friends, too, please.
FYI, even if I don’t use your idea as the book title, I may use your clever phrases within the book itself.
Anyone who submits an idea will get a gift from me.
That’s right. All of you will get gifts.
First off, the final prize winner gets several gifts as you can learn here:
==== >>>>
But everyone who submits a title idea will get invited to a special teleseminar during which I’ll answer your questions, give you some tips to kick sugar and present a special guest or two.
So please share your clever, creative ideas for the title of my next book.
==== >>>>
^ (5) Struggling with Your Relationship to Food?
Geneen Roth’s “Women, Food and God”
If you’re struggling with your relationship to food, I strongly recommend the new book from Geneen Roth, Women, Food and God.
Geneen Roth is an engaging writer, who, with penetrating insight and irreverent humor, discusses our food compulsions.
She teaches personal examination, showing readers how to use their relationship with food to discover the fulfillment they long for.
Get Geneen’s book now:
==== >>>>
^ (6) I’m Biking for Charity: Would You Donate, Please, to the
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society? (My Team In Training (TNT) Bike Ride)
One of my intentions this summer is to get amazingly fit and toned (better than I am now) – and help a worthwhile cause at the same time.
Therefore, I’ve joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training’s program.
It’s an amazing program, where we get the support of coaches and fitness trainers, meet great people and at the same time raise money for this worthwhile organization.
My goal is to bike 100 miles on Oct. 9 in the Seagull Century ride in Maryland. (Gulp! The most I’ve ever gone is about 35 to 40 miles. But they assure me that the training will make me more than ready.)
Anyhow, I invite you to make a donation – no matter how small.
All of your donations will go directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
I urge you to donate now.
==== >>>>
Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Have a sweet week.
To view this issue online, just go to:
====== >>>>>>