Is Speaking Your Biggest Fear?

Please note: I never had the chance to ask a question in front of the 13,000 people at the Tony Robbins event, but just deciding to speak in front of this huge crowd helped me begin to lick my speaking fears. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming speaking engagements.

This coming week, if Tony Robbins selects me at his Unleash the Power Within event, I will finally triumph over my absolute biggest fear in front of the 13,000 people in attendance.

Yes, I’m one of millions with a deep fear of public speaking, but if I can, I will speak at UPW even if it makes me feel uncomfortable, makes my stomach knotted up and scares me profoundly.

It’s not that I’d rather be in a coffin than speak, as some research suggests, and as Jerry Seinfeld joked, but it’s time to quit hiding away from stages no matter how big my fear.

Enough of playing small!

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, Rebound-After-Relapse Ninja Coach™”]Speaking is not scarier than dying![/shareable]

So why am I formally declaring my intention to Stand Strong and Speak to Serve™, as I put it?

  • When you declare your intentions to the Universe, you stand a greater chance of succeeding.
  • It’s time for me to be bold, audacious and committed — more so than ever before.
  • I must speak to fulfill my treasured missions, which are to inspire, guide and serve millions worldwide to Crush their Cravings™ for Junk Foods, Rebound After Relapse™, and Enjoy a Sweeter Life Naturally™.
  • More important, I want and fully intend to be be a dynamic, inspiring, humorous speaker so I can help millions — possibly you? — learn to use super-simple, powerful, science-based techniques to slim down, boost your energy, and boldly step into your willpower.
  • Plus, I need to give talks while writing my next two books, Rebound After Relapse and Crush Your Cravings On the Go.
  • I have to get out and speak. As a non-fiction author, long before your book(s) are published, you should get out and give talks and post videos to reach your tribe and soon-to-be fans.
  • Plus, if you want your book(s) picked up by a mainstream house — as my last two were — you need to deal with your introversion. It doesn’t have to be my Achilles heel anymore. Besides, as Susan Cain, author of the brilliant book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, points out, “authors whose books get published—once accepted as a reclusive breed—are now vetted by publicists to make sure they’re talk show ready.”
  • If you, too, share my fear of public speaking, I’d like to help you, too. Let’s triumph together!
  • Finally, if you’re hooked on sugar or processed carbs and are in the middle of a relapse or cravings, once I break through my fears of public speaking, I’ll be able to help you in my inspiring talks.
  • Finally, inspired by Brené Brown, I’m unleashing the power of vulnerability. Hence I’m ready to reveal my fear of speaking.

In this, my 20th Year off Sugar, I plan to play bigger than ever before. I have lots of exciting plans in the works. For instance:

  • I’m close to announcing a special collaboration and project with the non-profit Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Inc.  (Stay tuned for our joint announcement about a project that could help thousands.)
  • Soon, I’ll host my new Rebound After Relapse Bootcamp.
  • Later in the year, I’ll also present my new Crush Your Cravings Fast Bootcamp.
  • Plus, my next two books, Rebound After Relapse and Crush Your Cravings On the Go will be published later this year.
  • I’m also planning the first Sugar Shock World Summit from October 15 to 22. This event will feature top sugar, carb, willpower, cravings and addiction experts from around the world.
  • In addition, I’m coming up with many other ways to serve you.
  • Furthermore, I’m doing more private and group coaching this year.

So if I’m going to accomplish all these bold goals — which I fully intend to do — I’m going to Crush My Speaking Fears.

What about you? Join the Conversation. Do you, too, have a fear of public speaking?

What has helped you the most to conquer this fear? 


2 thoughts on “Is Speaking Your Biggest Fear?

  1. Hi Connie,

    Here to join in the conversation…
    It’s nice to hear you share and want to encourage us to face our fears for public speaking.
    Strange as this may sound, I was a fitness trainer for years and I had a blast, I love people. Yes nervous at first but I loved creating the choreography and then teaching the movements. I did write & publish my book “fixing my fattening life” when I fell sick to get my testimony out there to help encourage others and to get my mind off of me. Now its been several years teaching online as a christian health coach (but same niche as you) and telling myself to get out there and consider contacting universities where I know there is such a need. I have not taken that step. Oh boy, Not good…I know. Thank you!

  2. Renee,

    Somehow your reply got lost, but I appreciate hearing your story. Please stay in touch and tell me about your getting out speaking at universities! Have you done that yet?


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