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How to Ward off a Popcorn Urge

This week, for Cravings-Crushing Monday, I’m going to share one ridiculously easy way to get a handle on your popcorn bingeing. However, this week, instead of writing about the tool, I’m urging you to listen to my first interview in about three years so you can discover how to take control of your popcorn intake while in the movie theater or when you’re on the run.

I share this really remarkable Popcorn-Ignoring Tool in an interview I gave to Denise Barry for her Free Yourself From Dieting… Losing Weight From the Inside Out Summit.

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, The Cravings Ninja”]Find out about the science-based Handy Cravings-Crushing Trick, which is so SIMPLE, you’ll be shocked!”[/shareable]

In our interview — the first day of the Free Yourself From Dieting Summit —  you’ll discover:

  • Why you don’t need to get “willpower” to Crush Your Crazy Cravings.
  • How blowing your diet can help you to finally succeed.
  • The first thing to do if you’ve had a diet relapse.
  • How to quickly decode your cravings and what 6 super-easy questions to ask yourself.
  • 4 of the biggest times Crazy Cravings can hit you hard.
  • Why cravings aren’t always bad and they can even be good if you listen to them.
  • How I became the Cravings Ninja™.
  • How to do The Handy Cravings-Crushing Trick. (That’s the way to cleverly outsmart your popcorn urges.)
  • One easy activity to make junk foods less appealing.

It was fun to finally be interviewed again after recovering from my Mom’s death, my PTSD, weight gain and weight loss, etc.. In my interview with Denise, you’ll also discover how:

  • You can actually poke fun of your cravings. Darn is it freeing!
  • How to get weekly cravings-crushing tips this year and next.
  • The one important thing most people “forget” when it comes to having cravings.

Of course, I’m only one of a number of speakers participating in this Free Yourself From Dieting… Losing Weight From the Inside Out Summit,

You’ll also get pearls of wisdom from Victoria MoranCrystal Andrus MorissetteJulie Simon, Michelle Minero, Wendry Hendry, Rhona Epstein and other experts.

The speakers also will share valuable:

  • Keys to food freedom
  • A new definition of the word “Diet”
  • How life would be different if you loved your body
  • How emotions can weight you down
  • And powerful mind-body tools

Please let me know here on this blog or on Facebook  your biggest Ahah from my first interview in nearly four years, since I was pummeled by my own Crazy Cravings after the death of my Mom.

Again, go here to sign up for free to the Free Yourself From Dieting… Losing Weight From the Inside Out Summit,


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