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What are Your Dreams? Break Free of Sugar & Set Other Goals to Get a Life That Rocks!™

Welcome, wonderful person. Would you like to ditch your sugar habit for good? Would you like to slim down, shed those dreaded excess pounds, or slow down your aging? Would you like more energy, enthusiasm, and oomph to Get a Sweeter Life  Naturally™?

Just imagine: You’re wildly successful.

  • You fit into your skinny clothes!
  • You’ve broken free of your sugar addiction or other bad habits that rule your life.
  • You have more than enough energy to do all that you desire.
  • You’re now eagerly involved in new hobbies you’ve always wanted to try.
  • You’re feeling FREE, because your obsessions and crazy, irrational desires and cravings for sugar, carbs, caffeine, diet soda, nicotine or other substances habits have lifted.
  • Your moods are cheerful, upbeat and calm. (Which thrills your loved ones.)
  • Better yet, you’re filled with a profound happiness.
  • You have an increased libido, which makes your significant other rejoice.
  • You feel better about yourself.
  • You think BIG, as bestselling author Michael Port likes to say.
  • In other words, you’re on the road to making things happen and becoming the amazing person you know you are meant to be.

Let me be your compassionate coaching guide, steadfast partner and cheerful cheerleader on your exciting adventure, where you tap into your passion and purpose.

Are you ready to take action now?

Work With Me Privately

Most people prefer the personal attention that I provide, but given numerous conflicting demands on my time, I can take on only two clients at a time.

To learn more about how I can help you, just email my assistant and I here.

Why work with a coach such as me?

Tackling goals on your own is lonely, frustrating and discouraging. That’s why more and more, successful people are turning to life coaches and business coaches. And when they do, they boost their moods, income and sense of inner joy.

Working with a coach, as I’ve discovered — yes, I work with coaches, too — is close to miraculous! While you focus on your goals and break through 4 Obstacles to Freedom, your life will open up in ways that you may have never imagined!

I won’t lie to you. Making changes such as cutting carbs or sugar, going on a diet or writing a book can be challenging. But, wonders galore await you when you succeed! And it’s my job to see that you do succeed!

In our coaching together, I’ll help you:

  • Finally break free for good of your sugar habit or other bad habits (babits™) that hold you back from your Greatness.
  • Triumph over your Obstacles to Freedom™, which are blocking you from achieving your dreams.
  • Find out what’s holding you back from manifesting success.
  • Discover your inner wisdom.
  • Plan and implement effective action steps and and then hold you accountable so you realize your dreams.
  • And much more.

It doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you have a phone or computer, you can get help.

Am I Your Ideal Coach?

In case you’re wondering if I’m the right person to help you, here are some details about my background.

  • Because I used to be like you, I understand your pain, plight, and frustrations.
  • I’ve been sugar-free since 1998 so I know what it takes to succeed. (That’s 17-plus years of sweet “sobriety.”)
  • Compassion is my middle name. (Well, of course, I’m just joking, but I’m kind, empathetic, and encouraging.)
  • I’m well trained to coach you to success. I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC, who studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Certified Professional Coach, who studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and a Tapping Practitioner in training.
  • I’m a professional journalist and Gab with the Gurus host, who’s interviewed hundreds of world renowned thought leaders, researchers, and even addicts, who’ve revealed to me the easy, effective tools and tricks, which work the best and fastest.
  • And as author of SUGAR SHOCK! (Berkley Books), Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House) and Crush Your Crazy Carb Cravings (upcoming), I’ve researched this subject for 17-plus years.

Given my extensive expertise, you’ll have powerful results from working with me privately.

In fact, I’ve designed this program so you can can reach out and get almost immediate support:

  • Right when you’re in the grips of an overwhelming sugar craving or other unhealthy craving.
  • Before you turn to an unhealthy behavior so that together, we can help you gain quick realization and become charged up to do something healthy instead.
  • When you’re freaking out at a party where sugary foods abound.
  • When you’re with friends, an annoying family member or out on a frustrating date. (You can just slip away to the bathroom and call me for 2 minutes.)
  • While you’re at a restaurant and want to cave in.
  • Before you pop into that bakery or ice cream store or coffee house, which you feel that you just “have” to do at that very moment.
  • From the office, when the vending machine or bar is beckoning loudly or the co-worker’s birthday cake calls out to you.

Learn more now by contacting my assistant.

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