Help for the Holidays” 10 Tips to Combat Cravings for Candies, Cookies Or Cakes

Candies-spilling_~gwf106046Every year, many people become overly attached to candies and cookies, starting on Halloween.

As we know, this holiday season, which kicks off on Halloween and continues through Christmas, Chanukah and other celebrations, can be a challenging time when it comes to eating right.

During this season, which abounds with candy canes, gingerbread men, chocolate geld and other "goodies," you can gain weight, but, if you know what to do, lose weight and even maintain it. 

To help you get control over your consumption of candies, cookies and other sweets, I've put together a guide for you at my new Huffington Post blog.

Get 10 Tips to Combat Your Candy & Cookie Cravings.

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