I was soooooooo scared…

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I felt soooooo incredibly scared. On the last day of an amazing weekend workshop with some 40 people, I started to feel cruddy. At first, I could barely keep my head up. Over the next few days, I got a cough that became deeper, more disgusting, and longer lingering. Crushing fatigue walloped me hour after […]

Beyond Sugar Shock

Is Your Sugar Habit Sending You to Your Grave?

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Around the world, when they’re stressed out, unhappy, or discouraged, billions of people eat unhealthy, sugary, salty, fatty foods. During these difficult times, it’s admittedly far too easy to “use” these unhealthy substances to shove down difficult emotions. But I urge you to remember that your habit of eating carbage (carb garbage) can trigger Sugar […]


Share These FREE Virtual Resources to Calm, Encourage and Motivate You During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Wondering what to do now that you — along with nearly 4 billion of us around the planet — are under some sort of stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

Together, let’s transform this Stuck-at-Home Lockdown into a Stay-at-Home Opportunity.

Today, I’m pleased to share a special e-book I researched and created for those of us in lockdown.