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7 Secrets to Erase Your Sweet Tooth (Free Program)

SugarPoisonDue to popular demand and some technical issues with last night’s free program, we’re holding an encore for you so you can discover how to begin to break free of your sugar addiction for good and escape from your self-imposed misery, extra weight, and self-abuse.

Join us in another free 45-minute program tomorrow (Saturday at 8 am PDT or 11 am EDT) to discover 7 Simple Secrets to Erase Your Sweet Tooth. (Get details below on how to sign up.)

In our free teleseminar/webinar, you will discover:

1)  One thing (or words) that will doom you to failure every time you try to quit your sugar or carb addiction. (You’ll also discover how to escape from this to achieve what I call “Sugar Freedom.”)

2)  One super-simple, frequently ignored activity that works miracles to help calm your sugar cravings, make you feel more in control, and even improve your moods.

3)  One easy way to erase your crazy cravings around that time of the month or during that time of life (if you’re going through menopause). This tool also can help you if you’re a man with low libido. This simple technique can come to your rescue no matter where you are or what tempting sweets are facing you.

4)  One simple three-fold tactic (involving food) to pick yourself up if you do cheat.

5)  One powerful, often-overlooked technique that can pave the way for you to ease away from your sugar addiction.

6)  One simple shift that can speed you into success.

7)  One easy way to begin to escape from what I call sugar bondage.

Join us at 8 am PDT (11 am EST) tomorrow (Saturday) to discover 7 Simple Secrets to Erase Your Sweet Tooth.

If you join us live, you’ll get a chance to win a special gifts.

You may be able to win:

  • 1 copy of my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock.
  • Admission for 1 to my Sugar Freedom Now Course, which is a companion to Beyond Sugar Shock
  • A 30-minute complimentary Strategy Session with me.

Remember, If you cannot make this webinar/teleseminar live, just sign up and you’ll be able to listen later.

During our program, you’ll also get a chance to learn about my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock, and my companion Sugar Freedom Now Course.

Sign up now to join us either live or later so you can find out 7 Secrets to Erase Your Sweet Tooth.


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