An Apple Cider Vinegar Dose a Day Can Keep Your Cravings Away

Join the Conversation. Have you tried the following Cravings Calmer? Let us know if it worked.

If you’re like most women and many men, your overwhelming cravings for sugary, salty or fatty processed foods often taunt you.

At times, you may even feel that those chocolate donuts, onion rings or pretzels are actually calling out to you, “Eat me! Eat me!”

Of course, we both know that such thoughts are prepostrerous. Doesn’t matter.

In fact, for the past 16 years — since I reluctantly quit sugar and refined carbohydrates on doctor’s orders — many sugar or carb addicts have used this exact same language in bemoaning to me that they feel ruled by their urges for “bad foods.”

It’s time for good news. You do not have to be at the mercy of what I call your Crazy Cravings™.

Today, let me share one simple way to calm your cravings.

Keep Your Cravings AwayTo begin, let me remind you of an old adage. It’s one many of us were told by our mothers or parental figues. It goes like this: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Well, thanks to research, I’ve come up with a new twist on this idea. As I put it, “An apple cider vinegar dose a day keeps your cravings away.”

Apple cider vinegar, made from fermented apples, is high in acetic acid, which is why you get that sharp, tangy taste.

This acetic acid helps increase your satiety, which means you get fewer and less severe food cravings for hours after you have consumed apple cider vinegar with a snack or meal.

Let’s now look at a study, which backs up this assertion.

The Scientific Research

Swedish researchers at Lund University found that cravings were significantly lowered in a group of people, who consumed two or three tablespoons of vinegar in water, with a piece of wheat bread compared to group who did not. (Please note that I don’t recommend the bread, because it can rasie your blood sugar levels.) The study used regular vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is better because of its higher acetic acid level and more palatable taste.)

The Simple Steps

1)  If you feel a craving coming on, before a meal, drink a glass of water mised with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Because the flavor is so powerful, it’s easier to drink when you add water. The apple cider vinegar I prefer is Bragg’s Liquid Amino.

2)  If drinking the diluted liquid is still too potent for you, just add some apple cider vinegar to your salad or other food.

3)  Repeat as necessary throughout the day if your cravings persist.

How It Works

The acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar acts on the body’s glucose and insulin responses. This, in turn, increases your satiety (your feeling of fullness).

That’s why you get fewer and less severe food cravings for hours after you’ve consumed apple cider vinegar with your meal or snack.

How It Works: Acetic acid in apple cider vinegar acts on the body’s glucose and insulin responses and this in turn affects satiety.

Join the Conversation. Have you tried the following Cravings Calmer? Let us know if it worked.


Are your friends gripped by cravings? Feel free to share this post. When you do, please include the following: Former sugar-addicted journalist: Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC is author of the bestselling book, Sugar Shock!, which has been praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Christiane Northrup. Her latest is Beyond Sugar Shock, which was endorsed by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and others. Connie is a certified life coach, certified health coach, experienced reporter, and host of the Gab with the Gurus Radio Show, which is available on iTunes. The former sugar and carb addict is now dedicated to helping people around the world to Break Free of their Addictions to Babits™. (Bad Habits).

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4 thoughts on “An Apple Cider Vinegar Dose a Day Can Keep Your Cravings Away

  1. Wow! I found this posting just in time. I’ve been eating really clean and healthy, and today, after 6 weeks of being “good,” I succumbed to a small scoop of ice cream at the Trader Joe’s sample bar. Ooops…I’ve been jones’ing for sugary, starchy stuff ever since. I mixed the ACV and water, then realized that I had no more cravings. It was just 8 oz of water and 2 T ACV, and I even feel “full,” like I don’t want food now at all. Magical! Thanks, Connie!

  2. So very glad to hear it!
    You so brightened my day, because my goal is to hellp people.
    Stay tuned for more Cravings-Calming techniques.
    Keep in touch, too.

  3. Thanks! Is there any reason why the dehydrated capsules wouldn’t have the same effect?
    Also, as a bonus, taking the ACV will help keep the mosquitoes away 🙂

  4. Oops, sorry, didn’t see your reply earlier. I will have to research the story with the capsules. Where did you hear about apple cider vinegar and mosquitoes?

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