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Artificial Sweeteners: Do We Need Yet Another Fake Sugar Product?

Aren't there enough artificial sweeteners already on the market to potentially harm you?

Now Ajinomoto is seeking FDA approval for Advantame, a new sweetener that's derived from the same amino acids as aspartame and vanillin.

Oh goodness, why do we need another aspartame-like sweetener?

Before you ingest ANY aspartame or aspartame look-alike, I urge you to do some research.

Find out about its 92 reported side effects of aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure).

Read about aspartame's controversial approval process.

Find out how one health authority calls it the most dangerous substance on the market today.

Learn about angry people, who claim aspartame is poison.

Are you one of those dependent on artificial sweeteners? Tell us why you use this stuff. Would you like to break free?

By the way, for much of this week, I've been suffering from an awful reaction to mannitol, which was apparently slipped into a supplement I've been taking. Unfortunately, it took sleuthing on my part to figure out why I'd been so sick (severe, doubled-over-in-pain cramps; running to you-know-where often; bloating; etc.)

I'm so angry! Why would a company (or companies) sneakily add an artificial sweetener into its supplement? Although I'm a lot better, I'm still having some issues and trying to figure out which producdt is not listing its sugar alchol content. I suspect that mannitol or another sugar alcohol is included in another of my supplements but, unfortunately, it's not labeled!

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