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Beyond Sugar Shock is On the Way – See the Cool New Cover from Hay House

Beyond Sugar Shock, the follow-up to my first book, Sugar Shock, is on the way!

Check out the exciting new book cover, which the talented people at Hay House (my publisher) created. Isn't it stunning?

Beyond Sugar Shock  - New CoverSo, what's the difference between my first book, Sugar Shock! How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life– and How You Can Get Back on Track. and my second book, Beyond Sugar Shock?

To begin, you need to know how you're damaging your body. So Sugar Shock dished the dirt about sugar and refined carbs.

Now, this book provides a simple Mind-Body-Spirit program that shows you how to gently let go of your sugar habit for good. 

How will you benefit by releasing your sugar habit?

You'll shave off unwanted excess pounds, get energy, be happier, boost your libido and get a life that I call sweeterlicious — my word for sweeter, delicious, scrumptuous and luscious.

Learn more about Beyond Sugar Shock here.

By the way, I'm honored and pleased that Joshua Rosenthal, head of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, was kind enough to write the foreword.

Please help me get the buzz going about Beyond Sugar Shock!

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