Eat Your Way to Health & Weight Loss with Jimmy Moore & Dr. Ronald Hoffman

Jimmy Moore Food can be so healing. It can help you shed off pounds and become more healthy.

Just ask low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore, who was able to peel off 180 pounds by selecting better foods, and acclaimed integrative expert Dr. Ronald Hoffman, who regularly helps patients to boost their moods and reverse various illnesses just by eating better. 

Learn how to Eat Your Way to Health & Weight Loss tomorrow, Wednesday, at 2 pm EST, with both Jimmy and Dr. Hoffman, who are appearing on my Gab With the Gurus radio show.

FYI, I may sound a little different on the show — I'm in a lot of pain from snapping my jaw on a carrot, but I'm quicklly recovering, thanks to my miracle-worker acupuncturist.

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4 thoughts on “Eat Your Way to Health & Weight Loss with Jimmy Moore & Dr. Ronald Hoffman

  1. Skipping meals to lose weight will just make it harder for you. Our bodies are designed to burn fat for energy when we need extra energy, but store fat when times become hard and food hard to find. The longer you go without eating, the less body fat you will burn off per hour (this is your metabolism). By eating more frequent meals you can actually help to keep your metabolism higher and burn more fat. But, it is vital that you ensure more meals does not mean more calories. Spread your food intake out throughout the day.

  2. Wonderful article. I agree too that we should not skip meals as you will probably ask for more food i.e. you are ending up gaining more than losing weight.

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