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Ellen DeGeneres Kicks Sugar! Join Her!

Ellen-degeneres-33rd-annual-daytime-emmy-awards-arrivals-knfxlo Ellen DeGeneres deserves a hearty congratulations goes to you for making it to Day 3 of kicking sugar. Hurray for you!

Please read my first post here about Ellen’s boot-the-sugar adventure. You can even watch her humorous announcement there, too.

Anyhow, please join me in thanking Ellen for drawing the attention of millions to the need to cut sugar out of their lives. Congratulations, Ellen! It’s great, as you say here that you want “pure energy.”

Hang in there, Ellen. Yes, you can briefly go through some unpleasant side effects such as exhaustion, jittery and cranky, but the symptoms will soon disappear.

I predict that soon, you’ll get benefits galore. Expect to get more energy, find it easier to concentrate, painlessly shed a few pounds and maybe even be funnier — though I can’t fathom how that’s possible, because you’re already so hilarious!

And thank you, Ellen, for pointing out that we need to bring sweetness into our lives. So true! Interestingly, I like to point out — as I do in talks and as I did in my book SUGAR SHOCK!that life is much sweeter without all sugar and refined sweets.

Friends and readers of this Sugar Shock Blog, join Ellen in her kick-sugar quest!

Learn how to Be a Part of the Show here.

For those of you who seek to kick sugar, I invite you to get lots of tips and FREE STUFF at my website to help you release your habit.

You can get more ideas in my most recent article, My ABC’s to Break Free of Sugar Addiction, Sleep Skimping And Other Bad Habits, which appeared today on my Huffington Post Blog.

Now I invite you, Ellen, and Sugar Shock Blog readers to get entertained by my new YouTube video, which I just completed on Monday. Please watch until the surprise ending, which is funny, I hope.

Make sure to watch Ellen’s funny announcement here. Yes, kicking sugar can be funny!

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2 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres Kicks Sugar! Join Her!

  1. I have been a sugar addict all my life and I am 58 years old. The pull of sugar for me is off the charts and I rarely can get enough. I NEED HELP!

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