Get Help to Lose Weight, Tone Up & Unwind — Just Visit Me All Over the Internet

Thousands of you often write to me to ask questions and seek tips on
how to kick sugar or resolve other health issues and counter-productive
habits, etc. Unfortunately, I can't personally reply to all of you —
just don't have the time — but you can find me all over the internet.

Below you'll find a list of places where you can find me, as well as get information, tips, articles, links and much more:

By the way, I want to thank my friend Jimmy Moore, for giving me the idea to create a post like this after I saw a similiar post on his Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Blog about how to find him all over the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Get Help to Lose Weight, Tone Up & Unwind — Just Visit Me All Over the Internet

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  2. Great blog! It’s valuable to be reminded how harmful sugar consumption is in our society. It’s not only associated with being overweight, but with many other health problems. We need more information like this to teach people that there are far better alternatives!

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