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I Can Do It Ignite! – Get Inspired Live or Via Video Stream


I'm very excited about "I Can Do It Ignite!," the weekend's amazing event from Hay House.

This remarkable Hay House event on March 17 and 18 features such stellar names as 20 to 30-minute keynotes by cutting edge authors, speakers and documentary filmmakers in the spirituality, health, holistic lifestyles, and sustainability movement.

If you can't make I Can It Ignite! live, you can still attend in the privacy of your own home. Just listen to all these stellar speakers by attending via live video stream.

That way you can still get inspired in front of your computer by the likes of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Kris Carr, Gabrielle Bernstein, Denise Linn and more.

In fact, I'll be joining this event live video stream myself. (While on the one hand, I'm sad that at the last minute, I've been unable to attend I Can Do It Ignite! live, I'm thrilled to able to watch it at home, thanks to the video stream.)

Hay House, Inc.

The event begins with the exciting three-hour keynote:

  • Dr. WAYNE W. DYER on Wishes Fulfilled: Master the Art of Manifesting!

Then, after lunch, you can listen to:

  • GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN on SPIRIT JUNKIE – Access Untapped Inspiration and Become a Magnet for Miracles.
  • NANCY LEVIN on Writing for My Life.
  • DAVE CARROLL on The Power Of One Voice In The Age of Social Media
  • AGAPI STASSINOPOULOS on Unbinding Your Heart: Creating Your Portable Paradise
  • JESSICA ORTNER on The One Hour Apprentice.
  • KATE NORTHRUP on Money: A Love Story.
  • NICK ORTNER on It’s Time: Use EFT to Clear Patterns of Self-Sabotage Forever.
  • MICHAEL CHASE on A Revolution of the Heart: Igniting the power of kindness within.
  • DENISE LINN on Past Life Hyper-Time: Release Limitations and Activate Your Spiritual Path.
  • KRIS CARR on From Illness to Activist.
  • DOREEN VIRTUE on Healing, Help and Guidance from Your Angels.

The following day, Sun., March 18, begins at 9 am PST with:

  • LOUISE HAY & CHERYL RICHARDSON on Holding Steady in Times of Change.
  • MICHAEL EISEN on Empowered YOUth.
  • SARAH DE ANNA on The Healthy Secrets to becoming Model Skinny.
  • MICHELLE PHILLIPS on Finding Your True Beauty.
  • BARBARA CARRELLAS on Ecstasy is Necessary.
  • LISSA RANKIN on Diagnose The REAL Reason You’re Sick.
  • LOUANN BRIZENDINE on The Love Brain.
  • DANIELLE LAPORTE on The Strategy of Desire.
  • ALISA VITTI on The FLO Living Method™: Your body as your partner to health, power, and global change.
  • LATHAM THOMAS on Ready, Set, GLOW!: A journey into abundant living, spiritual fitness, and healthy lifestyle.
  • TOM SHADYAC on What’s Wrong With Our World and What Can We Do About It.
  • Congressman TIM RYAN on A Mindful Nation.
  • KRIS CARR on Crazy Sexy Life: Live Like You Mean It.

By the way, Hay House is publisher of my upcoming book, Beyond Sugar Shock.

Hay House is one of the fastest-growing self-help and transformational publishers in the world. The company was founded in 1984 by Louise L. Hay as a way to self-publish her first two books, Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life, both of which became international bestsellers (You Can Heal Your Life has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide) and established Louise as a leader in the transformational movement.

Today, Hay House is committed to publishing products that have a positive self-help slant and are conducive to healing planet Earth.

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