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My Next Book: Beyond Sugar Shock

Readers of this Sugar Shock Blog may have noticed that lately I've been referring to my next book, the follow-up to Sugar Shock, as The Sugar Shock Diet.

We're now back to the original title.

So ny next book — which my publisher, Hay House is releasing next spring — is now officially called Beyond Sugar Shock.

The subtitle is The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get Slimmer, Sexier & Sweeter.

I'm now in the middle of doing more editing on it, but you'll learn more about it later. Also, stay tuned for a free, upcoming teleseminar.

As noted earlier, this is the follow-up to Sugar Shock, which is more of an expose about sugar's dangers. My new book will give you a guided plan to you can easily, effortlessly release your sugar or carb habit and get a better life and body in the process. 

If you haven't read my first book yet, I invite you to get Sugar Shock now.  Please let me know what you think of it.

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