Need a Vacation? Take a Nap

Join the Conversation. Have you discovered The Joy of Napping? When did you last have a nap?

take a napIf, like me, you badly need of a vacation but can’t seem to find the time or resources to get away, try the next best thing: A nap.

When you take a quick snooze, you’re in the company of such famous nappers as Winston Churchill, Salvador Dalí, Albert Einstein, Lyndon Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Thomas Edison, who all enjoyed afternoon naps.

In fact, according to the AARP, John D. Rockefeller allegedly said: “A little rest now and then helps a man to accomplish more.”

Meanwhile, short naps — along with suffficient sleep at night, an anti-inflammatory diet (i.e., healthy veggies and fruits and minimal carbs) and daily exercise — help Dr. Andrew Weil feel “positive, energetic, and ready to tackle the challenges that life presents.”

Celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz — who, incidentally, was recently grilled by senators for extolling weight-loss supplements on his Dr. Oz Show which didn’t pass scientific muster — also believes in napping.

Not only did Dr. Oz admit that he regularly takes an afternoon siesta, but he hailed napping as The 10-Minute Fix that Cures Exhaustion.

Napping has many benefits. It:

  • Improves your attention, concentration, memory, performance and alertness.
  • Boosts your moods.
  • Enhance your workplace performance.
  • Reduces accidents and mistakes.
  • Boosts your creativity.
  • Improves your health.
  • Reduces stress.

Now I’m not suggesting that napping will make up for being sleep-deprived, but it’s a start. However, you really want to get ample zz’s at night, too.

In particular, for those of you with weight challenges, sleep is very, very important.

By the way, when you nap, don’t fret if you can’t actually doze off for 10 minutes. One study found that asleep or not, a short period spent resting in bed is just as relaxing.

For some tips on napping, turn to Michael Hyatt, who helps leaders leverage influence.

Let’s have some fun now!

Check out these amusing photos of cats napping it up, thanks to the Daily Mail.

Join the Conversation. Have you discovered The Joy of Napping? When did you last have a nap?


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  1. Great article on the value of napping–but did I miss something? I did not see any mention of cutting carb cravings or losing weight…

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