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Overeat No More With Former FDA Commissioner Dr. David Kessler, Low Carb Expert Dr. Keith Berkowitz & Sugar Guru Dr. Nancy Appleton

David Kessler Are you eager to escape from your runaway overeating? Tired of being enslaved by your love of sugary, fatty, salty processed foods?

Help is here.

Join us on Tuesday, June 23 at 3 pm EST when my guest on the Gab with the Gurus Radio Show is former FDA commissioner Dr. David Kessler, author of The End of Overeating.

You'll learn about his how he met with top scientists, physicians and food industry insiders to learn why we Americans have lost control over our eating habits.

He'll even tell us about his late-night forays into garbage dumpsters to retrieve the all-telling ingredient labels at various restaurants, which The Washington Post reveals.

Dr. keith berkowitz You'll next hear from the acclaimed low-carb proponent, Dr. Keith Berkowitz, who will also help you to get rid of that stubborn fat.

Dr. Berkowitz is author of The Stubborn Fat Fix: Eat Right to Lose Weight and Cure Metabolic Burnout Without Hunger or Exercise.

  • This exciting Gab With the Gurus episode will conclude with my mentor Dr. Nancy Appleton, author of Lick the Sugar Habit, telling you about how people are trapped and consumed by their sugar addiction.

In particular, my friend Nancy will discuss some of the compelling people and Nancy Appleton photo comments that you'll find in her new video, Sweet Suicide.

Nancy — who I've had the pleasure of interviewing several times  previously (most recently in January) on my Gab With the Gurus Radio segments — is one of the original anti-sugar pioneers, whose book Lick the Sugar Habit, helped me kick the substance back in 1998.

The former sugaraholic, who, over the years, has accumulated the massive list, "146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health," will reveal eye-opening new things about sugar's deadly properties..

as usual, you can listen to this show live or later, at your convenience.

Get details here about the show or listen below.

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