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Do The Simple Stop-Pigging Out Tactic This Thanksgiving

Most of my fellow Americans will be at Thanksgiving feasts again this year.

This time of year is when many, if not most of you, will blow your diets.

That’s because you may feel that you need that junk food.

You just can’t say no to x-y-z [the junk food you most like].

But for many of you, once you get going on Thanksgiving, it’s uh-oh time! The proverbial pig-out train has left the station.

As thousands of you have shared with me over the years, one bit leads to a binge.

But for this Thanksgiving week, I invite you  to Claim Your Power.

Learn my Simple Thanksgiving Switch. This is all you need to do:

1) First, you’ll nip temptation in the bud by admitting that you may get tempted by whatever [you know what you most like].

2) You admit to your temptation. (Yes, admit that xyz tempts you.)

3) Then IMMEDIATELY, walk away from the buffet, table, etc. In short, escape from the tempting sights and smells.

4) Next, go somewhere — even if it’s to the restroom or outside — and claim your power. Say to yourself, “I am strong enough to say no to junk foods and yes to healthy foods.”

5) Now see yourself healthy, focused and happy.

6) Thank God, the Universe or yourself or whoever you like for giving you the strength to pass up the tempting, high-calorie, dangerous stuff.

6) Keep saying thanks over and over again. Try this: “Thank you, Universe, for helping me say no to junk foods and yes to health.”

That’s it! It’s really that simple.

Please let me know how it goes.


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