Special Thanks to Dr. Joseph Mercola For His Wonderful Review

Golly, this is such an exciting week!

I’d like to take time out for a very special thanks to Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of the # 1 natural health website, Mercola.com, for his really nice review of SUGAR SHOCK!

I’m so utterly delighted, because I just love his website, where you cand find oodles of good information — often insights and perceptions that you just never find anywhere else on the World Wide Web.

Check out his comments, which appeared in yesterday’s e-mail alert sent out to his many subscribers.

If you can’t say ‘no’ to foods made with sugar or processed, white flour, then you will want to read Connie Bennett’s SUGAR SHOCK! as it provides a powerful overview of the enormous damage that processed foods and sugar causes.
Connie’s exhaustively researched, easy-to-read book — which she wrote with one of my medical heroes, natural cardiology expert. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, reveals the not-so-sweet truth that some enlightened nutritionists have known for some time now: too much sugar and refined carbohydrates could make you very sick — and maybe even kill you.

— Dr. Joseph Mercola
founder, Mercola.com

2 thoughts on “Special Thanks to Dr. Joseph Mercola For His Wonderful Review

  1. I get Dr. Mercola healthy news emails and that is how I found out about your book. I have yet finished it, but it is very good. I have known for years that I have low blood sugar and have gone through times where I don’t eat it, but your writing of wheat is the missing link that I was missing. I know that I am a bread-holic but did not realized how that also is my problem besides the sugar. I have read Sugar Blues and Lick your Sugar habit and I know how sugar effectives me. When I don’t eat it and then get a good concentrate of it, the blood sugar level drops and I get shakey and hungry. Now I just need to finish the book and probably do some removing of food. Thank you.

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