SUGAR SHOCK! Blog — Would You Like to Write for It?

Some of you seem to be wondering what's going on with this SUGAR SHOCK! blog. I guess you could say I've been inundated with other projects.

In fact, one reader, Matt, recently called me to task for not posting enough lately. He wrote this comment:

"Hi — I miss the days when you would write stuff up rather than just talk about it on the radio show,         because I am a reader not a listener!  I don't have an ipod or anything like that and it seems like a lot of work to download the stuff and either listen to it while sitting at the computer, or burn CDs.   Are you going to go back to writing or are you pretty much just doing the radio stuff now?   I know, can't please em all 🙂 — Matt"

Matt, you're missing out on so much fun by not listening to my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show.

But, point well taken! Mea culpa!

You see, as a life coach, health counselor, author, speaker, seminar leader, radio host and journalist, I'm always juggling many things at once. So unfortunately, after losing my blog researcher, I haven't been posting as much lately about obesity studies, sugary observations, the dangers of sugars, health trends, etc.

The good news, though, is that I've been speaking a lot, offering lots of radio shows and teleseminars, working on my next book, writing articles, etc.

Essentially, what you're seeing is a result of a challenging situation for me: I have a lot to do but I can't do it all!

Lately, it's become a challenge to post often here — even though I'd like to! Plus, I need to have a life, and I've become increasingly focused on that. It's important for those of us in the helping profession help ourselves. We need to walk our talk. Speaking of which, I need to go work out now!

But, this blog will continue to post intriguing health and fitness information. Will you help me do that, please?
Please write if you'd like to become a blogger for me!

Which brings me to… Would any of you health-minded readers, writers or fellow health counselors like to help me keep track of studies and help out with this blog? Would love some input!

FYI, no, this is not a paid position. Sorry.

Please write if you'd like to become a blogger either for this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog or for my Gab With the Gurus Blog.

One thought on “SUGAR SHOCK! Blog — Would You Like to Write for It?

  1. Sugar is the most calorifically dense substances on earth. It obviously gives a jolting shock to the human body as a system and can cloy the tastebuds and jade the pancreas.
    That’s not to say that it cannot be taken in moderation as a bite-sized dessert after meals to change the atmosphere of the mouth and chemistry of the brain. The brain as we all know runs on glucose.
    Note from Connie: Thanks for writing. Please see my reply. Many would completely disagree with you.

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