SUGAR SHOCK! Blog Makes Debut

Welcome friends, acquaintances, and you hordes of information-hungry readers out there.

Thanks for popping by to witness the debut of my new SUGAR SHOCK! Blog.

Ever the eternal optimist, I have high hopes for this blog.

Why yet another blog? Well, this is a different kind of blog. It’s designed to give you lots of valuable information in one place that you might not otherwise get.

Given that I’m an experienced journalist who’s spent years working on a book about the dangers of sugars and refined carbs, my goals are:

– To provide you with relevant, up-to-date information on new research relating to both sugars and artificial sweeteners.

– To bring you up to speed on the status of the movement to boot soda, candy, and junk food out of our nation’s schools. (I’d also love to  spur you to action to speak and act on behalf of our kids.)

– To update you on certain legal, political, and financial developments relating to the sweetener industry — ones that might interest you.

– To tell you about certain marketing programs and that Big Food and Big Sugar have launched (ones that are both encouraging and discouraging.).

– To provide you valuable information relating to blood sugar control.

– To entertain and even amuse you — at least, at times, I hope!

You might be wondering my motives for spreading the scoop about sweeteners.

I’ll be upfront. I’d love:

– To help those of you who are “trapped” by your habit of eating too many sweets and refined, Much-Like-Sugar carbs.

– To inspire you to examine your consumption patterns of sugars and refined carbohydrates and to explore whether or not your heavy habit might be harming your health, moods, and relationships.

– To encourage you to consider kicking processed sweets and refined, fast-acting, quickie carbs (like white bread, white rice, and refined pasta) so that you can become more healthy, happy, and focused.

– To invite you to join my free, online KickSugar Support Group, where we seek to help you gain freedom from your habit of downing sugars and simple carbs.

– To help you discover, as I have, that Life is Sweeter Without Sweets(TM). (Please note that I’m still a big advocate of natural sugars — I promote apples, oranges, grapefuit, and other naturally occurring, low-sugar fruits. Yum!)

– To invite you to our exciting, free, informative teleseminars, during which I’ll inteview some top doctors, researchers, and nutritionists. (Coming up.)

– And, finally, to be honest, I hope that this blog piques your interest in my wonderful, entertaining, interersting (I think!) upcoming book, SUGAR SHOCK!, for which I interviewed more than 250 researchers, physicians, nutritionists, and public health advocates, as well as hundreds of self-described “sugar addicts.” SUGAR SHOCK, which I’m co-authoring with a respected physician, also offers a number of helpful tips and tactics to overcome your “sugar addiction.”

– To develop a community here such as I have with my KickSugar group. I want to hear from you! Please share your thoughts about this blog and its many entries.

To contact me with your suggestions for future blog items.


Connie Bennett
Author, Sugar Shock (upcoming)
Sweet Freedom Coach