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The First Step to Quit Sugar

People often ask me, “Connie, what’s the very first thing I should do help me kick my sugar habit for good?”

This has been one of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I’ve been receiving for the past 18 years, ever since I reluctantly quit sweets and processed carbs on doctor’s orders. (For those of you want some help with the math, that was in 1998.)

So let me speed up your kick-sugar process.

The first things to do to Crush Your Cravings and quit processed sweets and carbs is to Dig Up Your Sugar Truth.

This is a conclusion I’ve reached after coaching and guiding thousands of sugar addicts, who long to ditch destructive dessert patterns, conquer carb fantasies and break free.

FYI, I use the word “sugar” to apply to agave, honey, barley malt or any processed carb.

Admittedly, it may be a little challenging or even embarrassing or downright disgusting to think about your Sugar Truth, but soon you’ll find it enlightening and eye-opening. It also will kick your butt!

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Indeed, it’s so important and helpful for you to find out why you want that donut or Danish now.

Look, let’s face it: In your gotta-have-junk-food now moments, it usually doesn’t help to know that eating a lot of sugary foods and processed carbohydrates just isn’t good for you.

That’s why, now, when you’re not rattled by cravings, is the best time to Dig Up Your Sugar Truth by embarking on “Sugary Soul Searching.”

In other words, especially if you’re an “emotional eater” (that’s most of us), you want to decode or deconstruct the source of your often-mysterious cravings.

Thousands of “Sugar Kickers” worldwide have discovered that this is a simple, effective technique, where you tune into what’s going on in your heart and soul that drives you to “rely” on those inferior, nutrient-lacking foods. Once you know what’s making you turn to sweets or those  “culprit carbs,” you stand a better chance of being able to easily steer clear of them.

So, let’s delve now into why that chocolate ice cream, strawberry cheesecake, and white pasta are so darn appealing.

Think about it: Why would you be willing to ditch your diet, damage your body, and ignore your best intentions just to have some fiber-lacking, nutrient-deprived sugary substance?

Try to quickly complete this interactive exercise to Dig Up Your Sugar Truth. Your rapid responses will be telling. But please be truthful, and remember, you don’t have to show anyone your answers! When sugary foods and much-like-sugar carbs beckon, do you feel:

  • Angry    Yes _____ No _____
  • Anxious    Yes _____ No _____
  • Apathetic    Yes _____ No _____
  • Ashamed    Yes _____ No _____
  • Betrayed    Yes _____ No _____
  • Bored     Yes _____ No _____
  • Challenged    Yes _____ No _____
  • Cheated    Yes _____ No _____
  • Competitive    Yes _____ No _____
  • Confused    Yes _____ No _____
  • Contrite    Yes _____ No _____
  • Defeated    Yes _____ No _____
  • Depressed    Yes _____ No _____
  • Discouraged   Yes _____ No _____
  • Embarrassed  Yes _____ No _____
  • Envious    Yes _____ No _____
  • Exasperated   Yes _____ No _____
  • Frantic    Yes _____ No _____
  • Frightened    Yes _____ No _____
  • Frustrated    Yes _____ No _____
  • Grumpy    Yes _____ No _____
  • Guilty    Yes _____ No _____
  • Helpless    Yes _____ No _____
  • Hurt     Yes _____ No _____
  • Ignored    Yes _____ No _____
  • Jealous    Yes _____ No _____
  • Left out    Yes _____ No _____
  • Lonely     Yes _____ No _____
  • Melancholy    Yes _____ No _____
  • Rejected    Yes _____ No _____
  • Sad    Yes _____ No _____
  • Sleepy    Yes _____ No _____
  • Tired    Yes _____ No _____
  • Worried    Yes _____ No _____


Now that you’ve uncovered some great clues, it’s time to put them to good use.

  • Spend some time (at least a couple of minutes) looking over your answers.
  • Next, write a list of which specific emotions drive you the most to sugary over-indulgence.
  • Now as you look at that list, think back to times you “blew” your diet. (What were you feeling?)
  • Finally, bring your Sugary Soul Searching emotions list with you whenever you leave the house. (You can put it in your wallet, handbag or even slip it in your pocket.)
  • Make sure to post your list to your fridge or your computer, too.

You’re now better prepared to face those inevitable sugar and carb temptations out there.

Just knowing what emotions can set you off will help give you the strength, determination and inner wisdom to say “No thank you” the next time dangerous, edible “treats” taunt you?

Start to realize that you are much bigger than this sugar habit. And remember, Life is Much Sweeter Without Refined Sweets™.

Join the Conversation. What are your biggest A-hahs?

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One thought on “The First Step to Quit Sugar

  1. I’ve tried deep breathing, reading, watching tv, meditation, all kinds of distractions when I get anxious or bored to avoid eating sugar, but nothing works. Any other suggestions? I just feel so uneasy without it.

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