Sugar Addicts: Get Help On National TV From the World’s Leading Hypnotist and Weight-Loss Expert Paul McKenna


Calling all sugar addicts, preferably based near Los Angeles!
Are you hooked on chocolate, licorice, gummy bears, ice cream, cookies or
another specific sugary "food"?
If so, the casting company that brought you "The Biggest Loser" wants to
talk with you!
Yes, 3 Ball Productions/TLC wants to meet you right away, starting
tomorrow to consider you for a hot new reality TV show, where you’ll get helped from the world’s leading hypnotist Paul McKenna, who will teach you
his unique, acclaimed mental approach, which you can learn about here on YouTube.
Please act NOW if you qualify. You should be:

  • Over 21 and under age 55.
  • Either a man or woman.
  • At least 30
    pounds overweight but not more than 90 pounds overweight.

You’ll also need to be:

  • Available for interviews and meetings with producers in L.A. this Thursday, Dec. 6; Friday,
    Dec. 7; or next Monday, Dec. 10.
  • Available to shoot Saturdays in February
    in L.A.
Of course, if you’re not selected (or even if you are picked) for the national TV show, you can still purchase McKenna’s popular book, I Can Make You Thin.

Want to get on TV and get help from Paul McKenna? Act now.

To submit your name for consideration, e-mail the casting company, 3 Ball Productions/TLC at and also cc me.

In your e-mail, please share info about:

1) What specific candies, cookies, etc. have you under their control and how often you turn to them.

2) How long you’ve been addicted to sugary foods.

3) Your height, weight and how much weight you need to lose.

4) Your sad moments of sugar misery.

5) Why you want to kick your sugar habit.

Again, you need to act very fast. To be considered, just e-mail both the 3 Ball Productions/TLC office at and also me.

When you contact this casting company, make sure to tell them that I sent
you. Just say Connie Bennett, author of SUGAR SHOCK!, told you about this unique opportunity.

Please me know what happens! I want to follow you, support you and feature you on my SUGAR SHOCK! Blog.

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Addicts: Get Help On National TV From the World’s Leading Hypnotist and Weight-Loss Expert Paul McKenna

  1. New Weight Loss Reality Show Casting Now

    Just read about this on Sugar Shock Blog…a new reality show with hypnotist Paul McKenna is casting NOW for filming in February. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this may be the opportunity for you. Please read the post

  2. My book, SUGAR: A BITTERSWEET HISTORY has just been published in Canada. The Penguin Canada blurb describes it as “a perceptive and provocative investigation of a commodity that most of us savour every day yet know little about. Impressively researched and commandingly written, this thoroughly engaging book follows the history of sugar to the present day. It is a revealing look at how sugar changed the nature of meals, fuelled the Industrial Revolution, generated a brutal new form of slavery, and jumpstarted the fast-food revolution.”
    SUGAR has been critically acclaimed; my website has the reviews to date.
    One review: “Brilliant and assiduously researched … Abbott takes a spoonful of sugar and analyzes, details, historicizes, and deconstructs it … with a fluid, fierce narrative power and a vengeful intelligence. Perhaps most importantly, she provides testimony of both male and female slaves, whose voices and experiences are at last heard.”
    I am sure my book would be of interest to your readers. Though it has not been published in the US, it is available online through and a plethora of other online booksellers. I would be grateful if you would consider posting it on your website. There can be no online community more likely to be interested than yours!
    Elizabeth Abbott