Halloween Help For Parents: Turn On WCBS-TV Sunday Morning For My Fun, Healthy Halloween Tips

Most people closely associate Halloween with chomping on candies and the subsequent sugar shock. But the holiday doesn’t have to revolve around sugar.

You can still bring fun, joy and excitement and into your children’s Halloween without making the holiday mainly about the sugary "goodies."

Learn how this Sunday morning (Oct. 28 at 8:15 a.m. EST) when I appear on WCBS-TV in the New York metropolitan area.

I’ll offer helpful tips galore on WCBS-TV, in a live, four-to-six-minute segment on "CBS 2 Sunday Morning."

The talented general assignment reporter Deborah Garcia
will interview me. (Deborah, who joined the WCBS-TV team a year ago, around this time, must have experienced some feelings of deja vu this past week because of the raging San Diego fires. That’s because she
covered the central Florida brush fires of 2006 while previously working
at WKMG-TV in Orlando.)

Anyhow, during the happy-and-healthy-Halloween segment on CBS 2 Sunday Morning, I’ll tell Deborah and CBS viewers:

  • How parents can help their kids prepare their children for Halloween. (I’ll offer easy, fun ideas on what to do before your little goblin or ghost takes to the streets.)
  • How to fill those trick-or-treaters’ Jack O’Lanterns with non-edible, toy treats, which kids will love. (You’ll get to see colorful examples of what you could hand out instead of candies as I gleefully illustrate fun items. You’ll even learn about a Yale study, which proved that kids will love your creative options.)
  • What to do if your kids come home as sugar shocked, ramped-up "Sugar Brats." (Parents, That’s what I call kids who are "high" on candies, cookies and soda. Rest assured, I share some valuable tips on how to deal with these little demons so they don’t create a Halloween nightmare for you.)
  • How to be a good role model yourself and how to cope with your own sugar cravings (as a parent).
  • How to enjoy much sweeter times all year round by living a joyous, sugar-free (or sugar-reducing) life. (As sugar-free fans of this blog and book SUGAR SHOCK! know, life can be so much more wonderful without filling up on refined, "culprit carbs.")

Hope you catch me on "CBS 2 Sunday Morning."

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