1 Super Simple Tip to Bust Stress for Mother’s Day


If you're like most of us, stress gets the upper hand more often than you'd like.

But wouldn't it be nice to just easily stop stress right in its tracks?

On this Mother's Day weekend, it's my pleasure to share a very simple "I Am Relaxed Technique" that you can use no matter where you are or who you're with.

This tip comes from my wonderful, respected friend, the integrative physician and stress management expert Dr. Jill Baron, creator of the Don't Mess With Stress!™ Program.

Here's all you do if you're stressed, overworked, overwhelmed or even annoyed with your loved ones.

  • Just quickly shut your eyes if you can — don't do this while driving though. (If you're with people, just do this with your eyes open.)
  • Take a deep breath in while inwardly thinking, "I Am." Hold your breath to the count of 3.
  • Then exhale slowly while thinking "Relaxed."
  • Repeat 3 times.

It's that simple. As Dr. Baron's patients and my clients have found, this "I Am Relaxed Technique™" works wonders. That simple technique is only one of many that Dr. Baron teaches, as you can discover here:

For instance, in our Don't Mess With Stress to Kick Sugar Program, you can learn Dr. Baron's easy:

  • Cookie-Cutter Technique™ (one of my favorites)
  • Hand-Over-Heart Technique™ (a wonderful one to use when you're with other people)
  • Late-Night, Prevent-Pig-Out Technique™ (this comes in mighty handy when your loved ones are all in bed and sweets seem to "call out" to you)

Anyhow, in honor of Mother's Day, you and your mom can get these tips and other valuable pointers for a special holiday, half-off rate. (Actually it's more than half off.)

Learn more about the Mother's Day Special here == >>http://www.buststress.com