Free Program: 4 Sweet Success Secrets to Declare Your Sugar Independence

sugar independencePlease note: See your invite below to my free program, 4 Sweet Secrets to Sail through the 4th & Declare Your Independence.

The July 4th holiday weekend is around the corner.

Sure enough, every holiday weekend, you are inevitably faced by sugary and carb temptations galore at family gatherings and celebrations.

In fact, in this country (the U.S.), being patriotic is synonymous with eating sugar-laden, and high-starch temptations.

Before Independence Day, it’s time to Declare Your Independence from Sugar & Other Dangerous, High-Carb Non-Foods!

Let me help you breeze through the July 4th weekend by calmly facing those nutrient-lacking “treats” so that you’ll either not need or want to indulge or just partake a little. (Yes, I’m going to show you how to “sin a little” with sweets and quickie carbs so you don’t pig out.)

Happy 4thJoin me for a free, short-and-sweet (only a half hour) program on Wednesday, June 27 at 4 pm PDT (7 pm EDT) to help you enjoy your July 4th weekend (and any holiday weekend).

If you can’t attend live, just sign up below anyhow, and you’ll get a replay.

Go below now and fill out your name and email address to attend my free program, 4 Sweet Success Secrets to Sail Through the 4th & Declare Your Independence.

In this free, half-hour program, 4 Sweet Secrets to Declare Your Independence, you’ll discover goodies that will nourish you and sustain you during the July 4th weekend.

For instance, you’ll discover:

  • Four powerful words that can nourish and nurture you throughout your weekend celebration.
  • A sweet Independence Practice that will help liberate you.
  • An empowering way to lean into temptation without being tempted. (Don’t worry — this will make sense soon.)
  • A fun way to bring alive the meaning of independence. (Yes, in this program, you’ll declare your independence from your sugar habit.)

Sign up now for this free half-hour program, 4 Sweet Secrets to Declare Your Sugar Indepence.

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