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7 Ways You Can Get Confused by Food Labels

Most people seeking to eat healthily or to limit their intake of sugar or carbs are duped every time they go to the supermarket even if they carefully read food labels.

For instance, when you see “low-fat,” do you think, “Oh, great, that’s healthy”?

When you read the term “sugar-free” emblazoned on a food label, do you assume that it contains absolutely NO sugar?

And when you find “no added sugar” printed on a food label, do you think that the food item contains No sweeteners?

You’re wrong!

[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, Author, Sugar Shock & Beyond Sugar Shock”]Most people are being duped by food labels every time they go grocery shopping![/shareable]

Indeed, most of you are being misled every time you step into a grocery store.

That’s why it’s important to learn  7 Ways You Can Get Duped by Food Labels.

Unfortunately, food companies in the United States are allowed to tell white food-label lies.

That’s because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA—which sets labeling guidelines—allows food manufacturers to use some confusing, if not deceptive. terms.

What this means for you, the consumer, is that whenever you buy prepared foods that come in bottles, cans, jars or packages, you can easily make the wrong decisions about which foods are healthiest for you.

Plus, whenever you eat out in restaurants, or at catered business events or conferences, you can easily overload on hidden sugars.

In fact, recently, much to my dismay, I got duped into eating lots of hidden sugars at a wonderful self-help conference.

Oh, did I become sick!

But it was my own fault.

I let my guard down and didn’t nicely ask a waiter if the scrumptious-looking marinara sauce contained such hidden sugars such as honey, sugar, agave, coconut sugar or barley malt.

Then, for the rest of event after that tasty, for toxic sugar-filled lunch, I got very sick.

For three days, those hidden sugars made me headachy, exhausted, confused and cranky.

Now, I consider it my duty to warn you.

Be careful whenever you go the grocery store or to social or business parties.

In particular, when you go grocery shopping for your family and you buy processed or prepared foods that come in bottles, cans, jars or packages, you need to be a Smart Food Detective and Savvy Sugar Sleuth.

Now, I urge you to read this article I wrote for Hay House’s Heal Your Life website, called 7 Ways You Can Get Duped by Food Labels.



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