Cherish Your Cravings

Break Free Small Side Image preord4 If you're like most people around the world, your cravings for chocolate, candies or chips often get the best of you — especially late at night in front of the fridge, in mid-afternoon when the ice cream truck rolls around or mid-morning, when the vending machine "calls out" to you.

But, like millions, within a few minutes of “acting out” – caving into chocolate, chips or soda – you feel discouraged, depressed and downright disappointed in yourself, right?

Don't you just HAT*E the fact that you can’t say “No!” to quickie-carb temptations? Isn't it annoying and aggravating that your sugar cravings won’t leave you alone? And aren't you just disgusted with yourself for your lack of self-control?

Wait a minute! I will NOT let you beat up on yourself! 

Instead, I'm here to give you another way to look at those cravings. Let me present a gentle, loving, grateful way to approach them.

Your sugar cravings — or other cravings — aren’t your enemies there frustrate, annoy or ruin you!  Of course, if you keep giving into these carb clamorings, you may set yourself up for obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypoglycemia, depression, Alzheimer's disease and many more life-threatening ailments.

Instead, your sugar or other cravings are your body’s smart way of whispering to you valuable clues, revealing vital messages and offering you importance guidance as to what you need and when.

Think about it.

When that gotta-have-a-certain-food-feeling strikes, your body is nudging you.

Your body is murmuring, or maybe even shouting,  “Please pay attention to me! You’re not giving me
what I need!”

Well, I invite you to begin right now to greet your Whispering or Yelling Sugar Cravings with the zeal of

Yes, trust your cravings. Have confidence in your cravings. Rely on them, because your cravings know best what your body needs.

Take a moment now to begin to Decode Your Cravings™ (as I call it).

Please join me in a quick exercise. Pretend you’re slipping out of your body as you would yesterday’s clothes. Now imagine that you’re watching yourself on a movie screen.

Then, quietly listen to your cravings and see what comes up. To get you started, here are 3 of at least 15 messages your body may be giving you.

1. “You’re not giving me enough sleep! I’m going to give you sugar cravings until I get those necessary zzzs.” (That used to be a big one for me. Whenever I was tired, my carb cravings came on in full force.)

2. “I’m desperate. Please give me some water! Quench my thirst now or I’ll give you sugar cravings to attract your attention!”

3. “Give me protein! I need organic eggs, grass-fed chicken or high-quality fish—and now.”

Remember, I’ve only shared 3 of about 15 messages your body is sharing with you. (You can learn the other 12 in my Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program.

So are you ready to greet your cravings cordially — and even put out the welcome mat?

Again, please understand that your cravings are your  body’s smart of pleading with you to be more conscious, mindful and loving of it so it can do its work for you.

Your cravings are BEGGING you to give your body what it needs.

Nowadays, one of my burning missions is to help millions of you Decode Your Sugar Cravings™. 

In fact, for 12 years now, I’ve been gathering ideas on how to squash cravings from thousands of sugar addicts and hundreds of experts.

In my current Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program, for instance, you get at least 50 Tips to Topple Your Sugar Cravings™.

And next week, I'll share one really simple, valuable, cutting edge, cravings-squashing technique that’s received rave reviews for its effectiveness. (Stay tuned.)

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If you duplicate the above blog post, please provide the following credit. Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC is author of the bestselling book, Sugar Shock!, which has been praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marilu Henner and many others. She is now writing her next book, Beyond Sugar Shock, for Hay House. Connie is a certified life coach, certified health coach, experienced journalist and host of the Gab with the Gurus Radio Show, which is available on iTunes. Connie is also a former sugar addict, who is now dedicated to helping people around the world to Break Free of their Sugar Addiction and Other Bad Habits (what she calls Babits™). Connie is founder of the acclaimed Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in 6 Weeks Program. To Learn 10 Reasons You are Hooked on Sugar, listen to Connie's Free Tele-Party. Then act now to take advantage of the Pre-Fall Special at

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  1. How did the sugar get such a power?
    In the past sugar was just a spice. Today it is a “staple food”.
    It’s sheer lunacy!

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