Connie’s Schedule

Sat., April 13 at 7 pm PST
Live Talk & Book Signing
Break Free  of  Sugar Even if You’ve Flopped Umteen Times Before!
Book Passage
in Corte Madera, California

Tues., April 16 at 9 am PST
Teleseminar with Casey Eden Sollock 

Friday, April 19 at 9 am PST

Gab with the Gurus Interview with Renowned Anti-Sugar Advocate Dr. Robert Lustig

Wed., April 24 at 9 am PST
Gab with the Gurus Interview with Nick Ortner, author of the bestselling book, The Tapping Solution

Thurs., April 25 at 5 pm PST (8 pm Eastern)
Loving Food, Loving Life Teleseminar Series
with Aimee Aimee Serafini

Wed., May 18 at 12pm PST
Interview with Maria Saracen
From Fatigued to Fabulous! Virtual Conference
A free event to help women re-energize, thrive and  reclaim their lives. I’ll be one of 15 dynamic experts in the fields of nutrition, relationships, parenting, finance and more.

Other Upcoming Events

ParentSavers Online Radio
Date TBA

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